Survey is a pivotal tool that helps businesses to gather the relevant data from different directions, to gauge the customer expectations and also reflect on how good their products and services are doing in the market scenario. The concept of survey is as old as businesses. However, new advancements in technological developments have revolutionized survey methods and tools. Nowadays, businesses use a wide range of advanced software for conducting surveys.

5 Key benefits Of Surveys For Businesses 

This article will throw light on how small business surveys can help businesses better understand their customers and improve internal processes.

Collect Vital Feedback for Product Development

Surveys are the cost-effective way to gain product insights. Through this businesses can ask their customers for feedback about their product in order to find product gaps and improvise their products.Using surveys to collect feedback is cost-effective, because they only need to make the survey once.

Inform Future Marketing Decisions with Business Survey

Surveys are a useful market research tool for small businesses that can easily be used at a low cost, in comparison with other methods of data collection.This practical feedback can be used by the businesses to inform their overall product line, and to provide an easily understandable data for the team to continue to improve their strategy in the future.

Collect Customer Needs Data for Marketing Purposes

Marketing surveys help businesses to create buyer personas. Marketing needs to define an ideal customer profile. This helps to create the right marketing campaign for the right audience. Marketing surveys, businesses can ask demographic questions, but can also gauge their audience’s preferences and interests and other useful information. Businesses can segment their audience into different categories and target different marketing campaigns to generate highly qualified leads.

Monitor Customer Satisfaction and Improve Business Processes

Surveys can be used by businesses to prompt customers into giving feedback regarding their experience after a sale has been completed. One of the pivotal benefits of this approach is that survey invitations are sent automatically. This drastically reduces the cost as it requires no researchers or in-store staff to distribute the survey.

Generate Leads and Boosts Engagement with Lead Generation Quizzes

Knowledge-based quizzes help businesses to gain a quick grasp of their audience’s understanding on a given subject matter and can help them to increase their audience’s knowledge retention over time – which makes them perfect for training, or education-based services. 

WhatsApp link Generator Surveys’ Advantages for Enhancing Customer Service and Sales

Now the applications of WhatsApp have evolved. WhatsApp link generator is not only used by individuals but also by businesses to engage with their customers, for a quick conversation, marketing communications, offer announcements, feature launches, and many more.

The following 5 key benefits are the reasons why WhatsApp surveys are successfully used. 

Make your Surveys Conversational 

WhatsApp as a messaging app gives the perception that customers are having a conversation with the brand instead of a survey. And a feedback platform like Survey Sensum helps businesses to make a short, simple, and straightforward questionnaire that addresses the respondent as a person. Businesses can also customize the question templates available on the platform.

Multilingual Surveys can Work Wonder

The most common language used in today’s world is English. As hundreds of local languages are present in the world, customers won’t expect organizations to create and share surveys in their mother tongue. So, sending surveys in their language will provide value to the customers. This can also boost response rates with an increase in the number of completion rates. 

Also, businesses can send voice notes on WhatsApp. If clients are in rural places and are unable to understand the written language, then they can hear out the message and can fill out the surveys easily. It will also benefit businesses in receiving qualitative feedback.

Shorter the Surveys, the Higher the Response Rates

Another benefit of WhatsApp surveys is that businesses can send short surveys frequently, and can indeed work best for their organization. 

WhatsApp surveys are best used to send 3-5 short, conversational questions to gauge customers’ experience. And with the SurveySensum platform, can boost business response rates by 20% and also receive honest and reliable feedback.

Assured Privacy

Privacy is most important in today’s era. So, make sure businesses adhere to the privacy guidelines and inform their customers about how they are going to use the data and how businesses will keep it safe.

Cheaper in Cost

Sharing surveys through online platforms like WhatsApp with the Survey Sensum platform costs almost 50% less than traditional or any other research methods.


WhatsApp link generator makes it easy for customers to start a conversation with customers on WhatsApp. It is a great way to connect with their customers and prospects. Businesses can use them to promote their products, share important updates, or simply stay in touch with their customer for new updates. Businesses can also use WhatsApp links to answer questions, give updates, or even provide customer service.

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