DERMATOLOGY WHAT WE DO King’s College Hospital in Dubai is home to a team of highly trained medical professionals who are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of skin conditions, including cancer. Specialist care for complex forms of skin cancer is provided by our multidisciplinary team, which includes dermatologists, plastic surgeons, oncologists, and nurses.

We offer comprehensive dermatologists in Dubai to evaluate, diagnose, and treat a wide variety of skin conditions, including but not limited to pre-malignant lesions, moles that are irregular or changing, warts, acne, eczema, and other skin, hair, and nail issues. We are often able to perform diagnostic biopsies during the same appointment in the majority of cases.

In addition, we offer treatments for skin damage, as well as anti-aging therapies that make use of cutting-edge technology and laser therapy. Creams, medications, cryotherapy, and surgery are some of the additional therapies available.

ACNE TREATMENTS: In the vast majority of instances, acne can be controlled with the application of lotions and gels that are sold in pharmacies. On the other hand, if the acne is extremely severe, we might be able to treat it with antibiotics, phototherapy (also known as light therapy), and, in the case of some women, hormonal drugs.

BIRTHMARKS AND SCARS: In order to treat birthmarks and scars, we utilize the most cutting-edge laser therapy procedures.

CHILDREN’S DERMATOLOGY: we treat eczema and other inflammatory skin diseases, as well as skin infections, vascular malformations, and birthmarks; hair and nail problems; vitiligo (pale patches on the skin); and rare skin conditions including autoimmune diseases, ichthyosis (thick, dry, and scaly skin); and ectodermal dysplasia. Hair and nail problems: we treat problems with (abnormal development of skin, hair, nails, teeth or sweat glands).

our specialists provide cosmetic dermatology services, including anti-aging treatments, and can evaluate your skin type in order to create a personalized treatment plan for your skin. In addition, we will provide you with lucid information regarding general skincare, and we can also provide laser therapy for the treatment of wrinkles and acne.

The following are some of the additional cosmetic services that we provide:

Injections for the treatment of wrinkles

Adjustment of pigmentation that is not uniform

Dermal filler

Face peeling

Lip enhancement

Mesotherapy, which consists of numerous injections of nourishing medicine into the tissue under the skin, is used for the removal of fat and cellulite.

Platelet-rich plasma, also known as PRP, is used for hair loss prevention and face rejuvenation.

Tattoo removal

Treatment for warts and moles

We offer specialist care for both children and adults who suffer from severe eczema, and we have a treatment and phototherapy section that is solely devoted to the condition.

GENETIC CONDITIONS: in order to diagnose a wide variety of genetic conditions, we do genetic testing and obtain skin samples. We treat a variety of conditions, including pachyonychia congenital, ichthyosis, palmoplantar keratoderma, which both create thicker skin; ectodermal dysplasia, which affects the hair, nails, teeth, and sweat glands; and palmoplantar keratoderma, which causes thickened skin (causing thickened nails and skin problems)

HIDRADENITIS suppurativa is a chronic ailment that can be diagnosed and treated. This condition, which frequently manifests itself in the groin, buttocks, breasts, and armpits, is the source of abscesses and scars.

SCREENING FOR MOLES: we do this procedure by examining moles and analyzing them with the most recent technologies in order to look for indications of skin cancer.

Patients with severe mucocutanous diseases that cause blistering in the mouth, such as pemphigus, pemphigoud, and lichen planus, are seen by oral dermatologists.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions regarding the dermatological treatments that we offer or the many different skin conditions that we can treat. Our dermatology clinics in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are where our dermatologists do their job. They are well-versed in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of skin diseases and have years of relevant experience. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or would want to schedule a dermatological appointment.

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