Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian just got together, and it’s the hottest thing on the internet right now. The pair recently sparked dating rumors when they were spotted at the same restaurant in New York City, and then again at a comedy show where he was performing alongside his SNL cast mates. But this isn’t your typical celebrity romance: This is a real-life relationship that started with a tweet from Davidson himself!

Pete Davidson’s Ex-Girlfriend Cazzie David

Pete Davidson’s Ex-Girlfriend, Cazzie David, Just Posted an Instagram About ‘Staying Strong’ Cazzie David is the daughter of Larry David, the creator of “Seinfeld.” She was dating Pete Davidson from 2015 to 2018.

Davidson and David began dating in September 2015 after they met on Instagram. They broke up in January 2018 after six months together, but they have remained friends since then. Its fascination was rapidly increased by the relationship’s apparent intensity. Kardashian revealed that Davidson has altered his physique in many ways to show his love for her while sitting on Ellen Degeneres’ couch. There was the tattoo reading “My Girl is a Lawyer” (which, since the break-up, has prompted jokes that Davidson should get with Gloria Allred).

I couldn’t help but concur with Kardashian when she stated, “That one is cute.” Regarding the now-famous “Kim” brand, Kardashian claimed that Davidson, the go-to It Girl, wanted to go above and beyond his usual practice of getting numerous tattoos in honor of a paramour. Neither Kim/Pete’s review would be complete without examining their allegedly toxic relationship with Kanye West, who made his dislike of his ex-new wife’s partner known in a series of unsettling Instagram postings by attacking Kardashian and nicknaming Davidson “Skete.”

(Skete Davidson’s death was reported in a false news piece that West uploaded on Instagram after learning of Kardashian and Davidson’s separation and then deleted.) Their encounters with West were alarming, including the release of a text exchange between Davidson and West in March in which Davidson responded, “In bed with your wife,” to West’s question about where he was. However, a perverse obsession simply drew more attention to Kardashian and Davidson. Although Kardashian’s appearance tends toward the superhuman, her relation to modern-day Davidson was eventually emancipating. She sought a man whom Beck in sale famously referred to as “having his bag of mischief,” much like countless other divorced ladies looking for a stunning rebound.

Kim Kardashian & Pete Davidson Are Twitter’s Favorite Couple

The pair is a modern-day “Brangelina” and they’re not afraid to be themselves.

They’ve been open about their relationship, even when it wasn’t so popular. When they first started dating in the fall of 2018, Twitter users criticized them for being too public with their relationship but now that Kim and Pete are together, people are loving it!

Pete Davidson & Kim Kardashian Might Be A Thing Because The Internet Is Going Wild For Their Match. If you’ve been following the online chatter surrounding Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson, then you know that they’ve been dating for a few months now. They’re both comedians, in their 20s, and have large social media followings. They even share some similarities they’re both in the public eye!

But what more can we say about these two? Well, it appears as though Kim Kardashian is finally going to get her dream man (or woman).

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian

Ariana Grande’s Relationship with Pete Davidson

It seems that Ariana Grande’s fans may have been fooled by her tweet, which was quickly deleted.

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are a couple. They’ve been together since February 2019, when they were first spotted at a baseball game in Los Angeles. But there’s one big thing missing from their story: romance!

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have been dating since February 2019. The pair has kept it very quiet about their relationship status until now! Ariana posted an Instagram story about how much she loves Pete Davidson, whom she calls “Pete.” She captioned the post with “#loveyou” and hashtagged it #petedavidson.”

The “Saturday Night Live” Season Finale

Pete Davidson kissed Ariana Grande during the “Saturday Night Live” season finale. The couple had been dating from May to October 2018, though they broke up in September. In November, Grande confirmed that she and Davidson were back together again, and now we know it meant something more than friends: They’re engaged!

In honor of their relationship (and engagement), here are some things you may not know about Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson’s relationship:

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson’s Engagement

Everything We Know About Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson’s Engagement So Far

You may know Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson from their love story, but that’s not all they’re doing. The pair met on the set of SNL, where Ariana was guest-starring as herself. After performing “The Way” together, they exchanged numbers and began talking regularly. They’ve been together ever since and we can’t wait to see what else this couple has up their sleeve!

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson

In honor of the exciting romance between Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson.

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson have been dubbed the “it” couple of the moment, and they’re not alone. Kardashian and Davidson are both in their 20s and extremely well-known, so it’s no surprise that they’ve become another couple that millennials can’t get enough of.

The pair first met at a party hosted by Kanye West in February 2019. Since then, their relationship has blossomed into something much bigger than anyone expected: They’re now engaged (which means she’ll finally be able to legally marry him) and planning their wedding!


These two have been in the headlines for months, and it seems like they’re not going anywhere. It’s great to see that Pete Davidson is still able to rock a shirtless selfie while he’s dating Kim Kardashian! In honor of the exciting romance between Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson, here are some things we learned today:

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