The Infra industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in India. Rightly so, professionals deploy certain inputs that further catalyze this growth. One such input is heavy-duty equipment. These are engineered to significantly increase the project’s productivity, efficiency, and final output.

In fact, excavators and wheeled loaders are built to undertake various heavy-duty tasks. Excavators, for instance, can aid in digging, demolishing, quarrying, excavation, etc. But on the other hand, wheeled loaders can lift complex materials like debris, dust, soil, dirt, etc.

BULL Crusher King Wheeled Loader

This wheeled loader features 8000 kg of operating weight. Such a massive weighing capacity delivers massive output at construction & mining projects. Additionally, its powerful engine can generate as high as 96 HP. This functionality subsequently churns out enormous power and helps the equipment operate efficiently.

Besides, with its decent ground clearance capacity, this Bull loader provides higher gradeability in tough terrains. Moreover, the 1.8 cum bucket capacity facilitates heavy materials carriage quite conveniently. Furthermore, the price range of this loader starts from Rs. 26 Lakh and goes up to 28 Lakh.

BOBCAT E20Z Excavator

This is yet another best-selling heavy-duty machine model from Bobcat. This is right because of its highly advanced features. To begin with, this Bobcat excavator comes with 1930 kg of operating weight. Such a spectacular weighing limit significantly scales up the productivity of infra projects. Additionally, with an engine power of 14 HP, this mini excavator is best for smaller-scale projects.

Moreover, the equipment can dig as deep as 2343 mm into the ground. This subsequently can facilitate quarrying, excavation, digging for building foundations, etc. In fact, the bucket capacity of 0.05 cum further increases work efficiency. Above all, the price range of Rs. 23-25 Lakh makes this excavator quite worth the investment.

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