You’re not crazy if you feel like there’s a smoke shop in Vancouver on every corner. E-cigarette use has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years, especially among young people.

The 2019 National Youth Tobacco Survey found that the number of high school students who used e-cigarettes rose from 1.5% in 2011 to 27.5% in 2019.

The number of high school students who smoke cigarettes keeps going down. In 2019, 5.8% of high school students did, which is down from 15.8% in 2011. So, even though many teens wouldn’t touch regular cigarettes, many are willing to try e-cigarettes.

E-cigarettes today are more popular than ever because they are more discreet, look more high-tech, and have more nicotine in them than they did in the past.

Why do teens go to smoke shops in Vancouver?

Teens are especially interested in vaping, but research shows that high school and middle school students don’t vape to get nicotine into their bodies. They are doing it because of something else. But recently, people in charge of public health smoke shop vancouver is becoming a new way for people to start smoking.

That’s because it’s easy for teens to become addicted to nicotine-based e-liquids.

Some of the most common reasons why young people try vaping devices or buy them smoke shop vancouver are: 

  • Peer pressure

One reason teens use e-cigarettes is because a family member or friend already does. Most students in grades 6–12 who said they had vaped did so because they had seen a family member or friend do it. This makes sense, since most kids do what their parents or other loved ones do.

So, it’s not surprising that the makers of the best vape mods say to keep them out of reach of children. Not only does keeping vaping away from kids protect them from the possible effects of aerosols, but it also makes it less likely that they will pick up the habit.

  • Appealing flavours

One of the main reasons why teenagers vape is because they can get different flavors. E-juice, unlike regular cigarettes, comes in a variety of flavors. They don’t stink either. Some of the different flavors of e-juice are candy, mint, chocolate, and fruit.

So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that teens prefer flavored e-juice to tobacco products with no flavor. Traditional cigarettes do not have flavors other than menthol. So, makers of vape mods, hookahs, cigars, and smokeless tobacco products can add flavorings to them.

So many teenagers vape because the flavors of e-juice are appealing to them. Furthermore, the great flavors of e-liquid allow teens to vape anywhere.

  • Harmless than smoking

Many teens vape because they think it’s not as bad for them as smoking. Health experts think vaping is up to 95% less harmful than regular smoking. Teens are vaping more because of these kinds of news stories.

Research shows that the number of teens who vape has grown quickly, and more than one-third of high school seniors say they vaped in the past year. This is almost ten times as many students as smoke cigarettes altogether.

It’s also a 10% rise in a year’s time. But even though some teens think that the best mods are safer than regular cigarettes, they are not completely safe.

  • Cost-effective devices

Because vaping devices are cheap, some teenagers use them. Most teenagers can’t afford the price of traditional cigarettes. The reason is that you can only use them once.

A teenager, on the other hand, can use the mod vape more than once. As a result, they will not have to spend money every time they want to vape.

Several stores in town and online sell vaping products at low prices today. Since there are more and more stores selling these items, there is more competition. Many vaping brands, manufacturers, and sellers are also going after the same market.

Because of this, vaping is now cheaper than smoking. Because of this, more teens are vaping instead of smoking.

  • Curiosity 

Teenagers use the vape mod for the clouds and because they are curious. Some teens are tempted to start vaping after seeing videos of people using vaping devices to make different shapes and sizes of vapor clouds. These kinds of videos are all over social media and easy for teens to find.

  • Relief from stress

Many teenagers find vaping relaxing. In recent years, vaping has become popular as a way to relieve stress and as something people have started to enjoy. The nicotine in e-liquids can make you feel calm and at ease. But not all e-liquids have nicotine in them, and many brands offer flavors without nicotine for people who vape for fun. This is made possible by the simple act of taking deep breaths in and out while vaping, which can help you feel less stressed and more relaxed.

  • Helps quit smoking

Some teens are buying e-cigarettes or vapes so they can start vaping instead of smoking cigarettes. That’s because they’ve probably read somewhere that e-juices with different levels of nicotine can help someone quit smoking.

Therefore, teens are buying vaping devices that let them use different kinds of e-liquids in the hopes that they will be able to quit smoking one day.

  • Influenced by people

Some teens also vape because they’ve seen their favorite movie stars, celebrities, or media figures vaping on TV. So, the media is also playing an important role in the vaping of teenagers. 

In conclusion

Teens can buy the vapes from a smoke shop in Vancouver and start vaping for a number of different reasons. But most teenagers vape because a friend or family member does, because they are curious, because vapes are cheap, and because they think vaping is safer than smoking.

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