Start your journey towards becoming a birth doula with our DONA International- and Yoga Alliance-approved online childbirth class, offering 85+ hours of training at monthly payments billed through direct billing. It includes both pregnancy education and doula certification!

Individuals create new plans and acquire greater insight into their situation as they experience perspective transformation. This phase may take some time as people test out and explore these plans before reaching a decision on them.

Childbirth Class for LGBTQIA+ Families

Are You an LGBTQ Midwife or Doula Looking for Support for LGBTQ Families? There are various classes available. Maia Midwifery and Fertility Services offers an LGBTQIA+ Centered Course which offers comprehensive childbirth preparation and infant care in an all-gender inclusive classroom, breastfeeding support postpartum recovery as well as transition to parenthood education – this package may be purchased with monthly fees or individuals can sign up separately for childbirth classes only.

Motherhood Reimagined provides comprehensive education for single pregnant people. The class aims to prepare you for and support a solo birth experience, taught by an experienced registered nurse-midwife. Each class curriculum can be customized specifically to each participant, giving you the option of selecting your ideal class option.

Specialized classes for marginalized groups can be extremely powerful. They help participants realize that their experiences aren’t unique, and allow them to see things differently – like for a gay man trying to get pregnant who suddenly recognizes that his sexual identity might be connected with his struggles conceiving – this DEI training could change his worldview while helping him become a more inclusive educator.

Prenatal Classes

Prenatal classes provide expectant parents with knowledge about pregnancy, labor, and delivery so that they are better equipped for what lies ahead. Topics often covered include the anatomy of a baby, common birth complications handled by medical professionals, pain coping techniques during labor as well as strategies for breastfeeding support and newborn care. Many classes also cover breastfeeding as part of this experience.

Comprehensive online childbirth classes usually cover the same material as in-person ones, yet can be completed from the comfort of your own home. They may be offered by private birth coaches, yoga studios and hospitals or your healthcare provider may even offer one themselves.

Rural areas in low and middle income countries (LMICs) often favor using traditional birth attendants (TBA) over clinics and hospitals due to limited access to modern health systems and national health workers’ reluctance in accepting TBAs’ role (1). Unfortunately, few sustainable training programs for TBAs exist to improve maternal and neonatal outcomes in LMICs (3).

Saving Mothers conducted a recent community case study in rural Guatemala which showed that Saving Mothers’ School of POWHER curriculum, an intensive TBA training program with 14-week intensive TBA courses, was successful at increasing TBA knowledge and skills as well as their ability to recognize high-risk pregnancies, referral services, access resources for medical assistance as well as TBA access (4). Conversely, most other TBA training programs reported limited data showing how directly their programs affected antenatal care skills or access. (5).

Postpartum Classes

After childbirth is an ideal opportunity to restore and reconnect with one’s body while healing from pregnancy & birth. Join us for this 5-week series of pregnancy care training that will help reconnect your pelvic floor & core through safe, effective exercises that strengthen and stabilize them; an ideal workout for new mothers as well as those recovering from cesarean sections or anyone looking to increase strength & stability in these areas.

Healthy Families – Parent-Infant Relationship Webinar Gain strategies to strengthen your family after giving birth with this interactive webinar for couples based on Gottman Method couples therapy. You will learn to navigate conflict more easily while creating positive parent-infant interactions, as well as strategies to reduce postpartum mood disorders and more. It is available online free of charge!

Childbirth Classes for LGBTQIA+ Families

There are many LGBTQ-inclusive childbirth classes online and through local programs available, providing safe spaces for families of LGBTQ individuals and those who identify as such to discuss family structures, conception histories and interpersonal dynamics related to pregnancy and birth. Such spaces are particularly helpful in marginalized communities as they create an atmosphere of shared understanding as participants explore their feelings in relation to class material.

These classes are intended to prepare women and their support people for natural labor and birth with or without pain medication. They will cover Lamaze Six Healthy Birth Practices as well as what to expect regarding medical support, postpartum healing process and cesarean birth options – making this course particularly relevant for couples who may choose this route of giving birth.

This four-week livestreamed course for pregnant people and their support persons follows the Lamaze International philosophy. Topics discussed include birth physiology, how to prepare for hospital and home labor effectively and various pain-coping techniques. This class can benefit anyone supporting someone through childbirth – including non-partners. Furthermore, Spanish versions are also available.

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