According to a study, a candidate’s CV or Curriculum Vitae is screened by average recruiters for only a few seconds. And within this short scanning period, the decision is made on whether a candidate is fit for the job or not. As it says, the first impression is the last impression, it is not just applicable in terms of your looks or what you wear, but also how better your professional profile through your CV. 

If it does not seem appealing to recruiters, then there are fewer chances of getting your dream job, or the answer might straight away come ‘No’. Facing rejection and losing your dream job will naturally upset you but there is no point in cursing the recruiter for it. Rather a person must glance over your CV and discover what is wrong with it, and what should be been done to improve it. 

To guide in how to make one’s CV appear exceptional do read this article till the end, as today we are going to list down some of the simple but effective tips for the related topic. But before that, it would be nice if we brief about the importance of a CV. How does it matter in professional life? 

Importance of Curriculum Vitae in your professional life

The full form of a CV is Curriculum Vitae and it is not just a piece of paper but a glimpse of your educational and professional achievements. Hence, it matters a lot. A job seeker cannot straight away get the position for which he has applied. The first thing a recruiter asks is his/her CV. 

While going through a CV the recruiter gets a brief idea about the candidate’s personality, his skills and experiences. If he is convinced with the profile that matches the job position, then you are into it. On the contrary, if he is not convinced then he won’t hire. So what should be done to make your CV look exceptional? To know this we are listing some of the points that would help create an appealing CV.

3 Effective Tips to make your CV Exceptional

No need to rely upon the automated resume builder when there are some helpful tips for creating an outstanding CV.

Grab the recruiter’s attention with a summary of skills

To hold a recruiter’s attention a person must mention the summary of skills and key achievements in his CV. Note that your personal profile is very essential part of one’s CV. It conveys your personality to the recruiter which is the right way to create the right impression on him. 

Put more focus on results instead of responsibilities

It is much better to put more emphasis on results instead of an unnecessary listing of past responsibilities. As an example one needs to put his achievement in the forefront by crediting himself/herself in bringing success to any task rather than showcasing your role in getting it achieved it. 

Prove your worth in being the right person for the job

If you are determined to get your dream job then a person needs to show his worth in being the right candidate for the job. And it can be done by mentioning your accomplishments in concern to that job. The more a candidate describes it well, the more his CV will seem outstanding. This surely helps in grabbing your dream position. 


So these are some of the 3 simple yet effective tips to make your Curriculum Vitae exceptional. If you follow these tips it will help you in creating a good impression on the recruiter. Take it on a challenging note because there are other competitors with their own special achievements. Hence, it becomes a challenge to show your worth for the position that you want to grab. For that, you have to keep more focus on your accomplishment rather than responsibilities. 

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