Summer camps in Ireland are some of the most unique experiences available. As a camp counselor, you get to be part of something special that brings together children of all ages from around the country. Every day is a new adventure and filled with new challenges and experiences. In this blog post, I will be taking you through a typical day in the life of a camp counselor at one of these summer camps in Ireland.

Waking Up

Waking up in the morning at summer camp can be both exciting and overwhelming. As a camp counselor, you are usually responsible for waking up your group of campers, getting them dressed and ready for the day ahead. For those counselors living with a Host Family Dublin, you may have to wake up extra early as you may have to commute to camp for the day. Nevertheless, it’s always important to start the day off with a cheerful attitude! You will typically arrive at camp by 8:30am and greet the other counselors who live nearby, or with their host families in Dublin. From here, you’ll get straight into organising your group’s activities, and ensuring they are having fun while they learn. Throughout the day, you may take part in activities such as field trips to different local attractions in Dublin, or supervising group games on the sports field. If your group has opted for a ‘stay-in’ activity for that day, then you’ll be able to relax together with the other counselors from nearby host families in Dublin. After a long but rewarding day of work and fun, you’ll tuck your campers into bed before heading back home or spending time with your host family in Dublin, who will provide much needed rest before doing it all over again tomorrow!

Morning Activities

At summer camp, morning activities can be the highlight of the day. Depending on the camp and the host family, these activities can vary greatly. For example, at a Dublin host family-run camp, you might find yourself engaging in traditional Irish activities like sheep herding or playing traditional music. If it’s a sporting camp, you could spend your mornings competing in tournaments or engaging in physical training. Of course, there are also more traditional camp activities like swimming, rock climbing, kayaking, and other outdoor activities that you’ll enjoy before lunchtime. So whatever type of camp you’re attending, you’ll be sure to have plenty of fun and exciting activities to enjoy in the morning! Each morning when you wake up, you’ll be greeted by the host family in Dublin who will welcome you into their home and provide delicious meals throughout the day. You may even get the chance to learn some new cultural customs from your host family while staying with them. Some days, they may take you around town to experience what life is really like in Dublin. You may even get the opportunity to attend various festivals such as St. Patrick’s Day and witness first-hand how the city celebrates its culture. And no matter where you go, your host family will always make sure that you feel comfortable and safe while exploring the city’s sites and sounds. With the help of your host family in Dublin, every morning will truly become an unforgettable adventure!



At lunchtime, campers have the chance to enjoy the hospitality of their host family in Dublin. Depending on the camp, campers may go to a local restaurant with their host family or stay at home and enjoy a homemade meal prepared by their hosts. Whether at home or at a restaurant, campers can savor traditional Irish dishes such as shepherd’s pie, colcannon, and bangers and mash. They can also try some of Dublin’s famous seafood dishes like fish and chips. After lunch, the campers will return to camp for afternoon activities. Host families in Dublin are very hospitable and often help organize group activities, field trips, and games that the campers can participate in. Some popular activities include exploring the city of Dublin, visiting nearby attractions like Phoenix Park, and taking part in local sports matches. Host families are an integral part of making sure campers get a full cultural experience while visiting Dublin. In addition to cultural activities, host families often teach campers about important Irish customs and traditions. For example, they might teach them about how to properly brew tea, an integral part of life in Ireland. Host families might even let campers sample some delicious traditional Irish foods like black pudding! As part of the host family experience, many host families provide transportation for their campers so that they can easily explore different parts of Dublin during the summer. With this kind of support, campers get the most out of their summer experience.

Afternoon Activities

The afternoon activities at summer camp can be just as exciting as the morning ones! There’s usually a variety of activities to choose from, depending on the camp. In the afternoon, campers might play team sports, like volleyball or soccer, practice archery, go swimming, or take part in art projects. Some camps even arrange special activities with a host family from Dublin for the campers to learn about Irish culture and customs. Campers also have time to relax and hang out with friends before dinner.

Dinner Time

At dinner time, all the campers, counselors, and staff meet together in the cafeteria. There are always plenty of options available for everyone to choose from. After dinner, some campers will stay in the dining hall to socialize with their friends or play games. Others might join the host family in Dublin for a more traditional Irish dinner. Here, campers can enjoy a delicious meal and learn about Irish culture. This is a great opportunity for campers to make new friends and learn about a different country’s customs and traditions.

Evening Activities

When the sun begins to set and the campers return from their afternoon activities, evening activities kick off. These activities vary from day-to-day and range from movie nights, dances, arts and crafts, open mic nights, game nights and more. On special nights, we even invite our host family from Dublin to lead a themed event such as Irish step dancing or a traditional music session.

These evenings can often be the most memorable for the campers, as they get to wind down after a long day of outdoor activities and be creative in a different way.


When the evening activities have come to an end, campers begin to prepare for bed. Depending on the type of camp, this may involve a more structured bedtime routine such as brushing teeth and putting on pajamas. Host Families in Dublin also provide a comfortable home-like atmosphere, allowing campers to relax in their own space and feel as though they’re part of a family. Before tucking in for the night, counselors may lead a campfire or star-gazing activity. After all the campers have said goodnight, it’s time for the counselors to turn in for the night themselves, ready for another fun day at summer camp!

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