When exams are near it makes every student surrounded by a pile of books. The pressure from parents makes them work hard as they have to excel in all subjects. Often the months of March and April are considered to be the most stressful for students all over the country. 

After all, this is the time for class 10th and 12th Board exams and everyone is under exam pressure as they have to meet the great expectations of their family and teachers. Because of this, stress and anxiety overpower them. And this can badly impact their performance and results as well. So today we will be guiding you with some tips to beat exam stress. 

Does exam stress affect the mental health of students?

The answer is yes, it can affect the mental health of some students who are too sensitive in taking exam stress. And this also leads them to take the steps that they are not supposed to do. There has been a rise in mental health issues that affects the thinking ability and behaviour of students. 

Hence, it should not be overlooked at any cost. It is impossible to expect to study peacefully when the mind is clouded with fear and stress. Expecting every student to stay cool during the exam pressure is not possible. Some might not find it easy to cope with stress. But bearing it will only worsen the mental aptitude which would affect performance in the exam.

Some simple tricks that help in beating stress and anxiety during exams

Follow the simple tricks to beat stress given below:

Start with early revision

The syllabus for class 10th and 12th boards for all subjects are finished by schools so that students get enough time for preparation and revision. The best way to prepare for exams does not mean being glued to theoretical study. Doing regular practice like solving the questions given in the textbooks or earlier question papers will do wonders. By keeping oneself busy in this way, it becomes easier in beating stress easily.

Making timetable

The second very best trick to manage exam stress is making a timetable. This helps in planning a study routine better. This gives clarity regarding how much time is devoted to all subjects. This tactic helps distribute extra time to complex subjects. And therefore a student learns to minimise the stress which in turn boosts confidence in him. 

Take breaks in between

Being too glued to books for long hours can be very exhausting at times. Hence, it is suggested to take intervals in between. Go for a coffee break or some snacks to erase the extra stress from the mind. 

Prefer active learning techniques

One of the best ways to beat stress is to make study patterns lighter. And it can be done by preparing notes, creating diagrams, images, and flashcards. This brings more interest in the revision process. Following these active learning techniques keeps one free from study stress and makes it more interesting. These tricks keep memory running and improve alertness. 

Listen to music

This might sound weird and can make one think about what role music can play in beating exam stress. Well, it does play a positive role in keeping your mind calm. Listening to music does not mean listening to a music system with high volume. Of course, no one wants to experience the wrath of your neighbour. By music, we mean listening to soulful or upbeat music that brings down stress levels. 


Ending the article with one extra and easiest trick is to remain positive. There is no need to take an extra burden on oneself. If one follows all the above-mentioned tricks then he/she can manage the stress easily. Make study time enjoyable rather than stressful. Beating exam stress will also help in finding a better job marketplace in future.

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