Did you start writing the dissertation knowing the fact that it is going to be a stressful journey? If yes, you are not wrong about this. Dissertation writing is really a stressful journey, and the dissertation stress most of the time makes students insane. If you are one of the insane students, then you must know the ways to cope with this stress. This stress can deteriorate your health a lot, causing trouble for your PhD degree.

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Well, you must not worry about this stress anymore. In today’s article, we will discuss the 7 expert tips that can root out this stress from your life. So, let’s get started with the topic.

7 Tips For Beating Dissertation Stress

A little stress is, most of the time, beneficial. It keeps you moving and motivated. However, tremendous stress, such as dissertation stress, is not good for your studies as well as your health. Therefore, you should know how to beat this stress. Hence, a brief description of the top 7 tips in this context is as follows:

1.     Find a Good Supervisor

A research supervisor is someone who guides you through the whole research process. It is the supervisor who helps you face challenges and allow you to finish your dissertation on time. But it is linked to your choice. As a student, you must find a good research supervisor for yourself. If you make a good choice, know that you will not be facing any dissertation stress in any form. To choose a good supervisor, you may talk to your senior fellows.

2.     Make a Plan and Follow It

Most stress comes from doing things in an unstructured way. It is because you do not know where to start the dissertation and where to end it. Hence, the next tip is that you must develop a plan for yourself and stick to it until the dissertation finishes. The plan does not allow you to get off track and helps you work on the dissertation writing task consistently. However, if you cannot make a good plan, hire a dissertation writing service for this purpose.

3.     Break the Dissertation

When you think of the dissertation as a whole, the stress comes automatically. So, rather than thinking of working on it all at once, divide it. Breaking the dissertation into several sections is the number 3rd tip for beating dissertation stress. When you break it into various chapters and sub-chapters, you feel that it is easy to write it. Hence, break it down and work on each section of the dissertation separately.

4.     Talk About the Problem

Dissertation writing is full of challenges. Being negligent to those problems and challenges and keeping them to yourself is a source of dissertation stress. Therefore, the 4th tip to reduce this stress is to discuss the problem or challenge you are facing. You may discuss the problem with senior students in your field or with your research supervisor. Talk to them and share your problems. Surely, it will relieve your stress a lot.

5.     Be Socially Involved

Social involvement is very important when it comes to managing stress caused by the dissertation writing task. Thinking about the complexity of the dissertation writing task all the time and being socially distanced cause too much tension. Therefore, join different social welfare clubs and try to get mixed with the people in your free time. Make sure to join groups that are not related to your domain.

6.     Learn Time Management Skills

The primary key to stress-free research work or dissertation writing is time management. Yes, when you manage your time effectively, you finish each thing on time, and when you accomplish things on time, there is no stress. Hence, the 6th tip for dissertation stress management is that you must learn some time management skills. Do not make yourself busy doing a number of tasks in one day.

7.     Start the Dissertation Early

Procrastination is one of the main reasons behind dissertation stress. When students delay their work and try to do it at the eleventh hour, obviously, they will face some anxiety and stress. Therefore, to save yourself from such a situation, you must start writing the dissertation early. Waste no time; decide on your topic, get it approved, and start writing it. This is one of the best ways to avoid stress.


Dissertation writing and dissertation stress go side by side. A dissertation is not a dissertation if it does not give you stress. You can do nothing about it, but you can manage that stress. The top 7 tips for beating this stress are mentioned above. Hence, read every tip and work on your dissertation accordingly.

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