Bella Hadid is a model with a lot of styles and it’s not just her looks that are so noteworthy. It’s also her willingness to wear vintage, as she did on Tuesday during Paris Fashion Week. The 20-year-old stunner started the day in Versace, courtesy of a black-and-white ensemble that included flared pants and corseted bodice. Next up was something else entirely: an on-the-shoulder look inspired by Nineties fashion trends (if those can even be called trends when they happen). And finally, there was this sky-high pair of heels that she gave new life to by pairing them with other outfits throughout the day! Another day means another outstanding vintage Bella Hadid moment. This time, the supermodel was seen at Paris Fashion Week with a cut Comme des Garçons sweater from 2008 with ruffled ribbon embroidery going across it. Hadid gave a textbook example of how to bring vintage bang up to date by teaming the daring cut-out top with a black leather midi skirt from Balenciaga, along with the brand’s popular Le Cagole bag and Nike Air trainers. Hadid owns a variety of vintage Comme des Garçons pieces. She donned a pink gingham dress from Rei Kawakubo’s spring/summer 1997 collection over the summer, and at her niece Khai’s first birthday celebration the previous year, she dressed in a flirtatious optical illusion midi skirt. The model created another significant vintage moment earlier this month when she wore a distressed denim dress designed by Junya Watanabe, Kawakubo’s protege.

Paris Fashion Week Looks

On Tuesday, Bella Hadid kicked off her Paris Fashion week looks with a power trio of vintage. The model wore a scuba-inspired dress from the Nineties by Versace and paired it with an oversized blazer from the same period.

She finished the look off with some sky-high platforms and a bold red lip.

Bella Hadid’s first look for Paris Fashion Week was an all-black ensemble that showed off her long legs. She paired a black dress with thigh-high boots and added a white coat to keep warm.

The ensemble was a retro take on the Chanel classics, and it paid homage to her style. While she may have been wearing one of the most iconic brands in fashion, it was clear that she made it her model and topped off her look with a pair of oversized sunglasses and a bright red lip. Bella Hadid wore an all-white ensemble with a simple top, high-waisted pants, and boots. She kept things casual by adding a baseball cap and finishing off the look with some diamond earrings.

Black & White Combo Courtesy of Versace

She started with a black-and-white combo courtesy of Versace, including a corseted bodice and flared pants from the fall 1996 collection.

She then added a pair of gold sandals (from Chanel) before finishing off with her signature ponytail and cat eye sunglasses.

The look was completed with a red lip and gold jewelry, including a necklace from Chanel.

The Street-Style Moment in a Different Direction

Next, Hadid took the street-style moment in a different direction via this on-the-shoulder Nineties moment. (If it’s not immediately clear what we’re talking about, take note of the belt strap suspended at right.)

She also went for a look that could have been pulled straight from a vintage photo shoot: she wore her hair up in an updo and played around with accessories like statement earrings and rings. The look is all about ease—and while some might think they need to go into full-blown Vegas mode when they hit Parisian streets (a la Kim Kardashian), Bella Hadid proves that you don’t have to overcompensate if you’re feeling casual.

Her latest look was dressed up by a set of sky-high heels–a pair that she gave new life to. You can see how much she loves them in this Instagram post, in which she proudly shows off her new pair of sky-high heels and talks about their history. “These are my mom’s,” she says, “she had them resoled at a local shoe cobbler here in Paris.”

And just like that, Hadid has given these high-heeled shoes new life—and they will be back on her feet again soon.

The best thing about her vintage style is that she is not afraid to put a little bit of her flair into the outfits. For example, if she were to wear a vintage dress and it was long enough for her to use as a skirt, she would simply cut off the bottom part and make it into shorts her Instagram, Hadid talks about how she loves the idea of finding new uses for old things, and she often posts pictures of herself wearing items that were once worn by someone else. She has said in interviews that this is one of her favorite parts of fashion; she loves the idea that something can be loved by multiple people over time.

Street-Style Moment

A Model Who likes to Wear Vintage

Bella Hadid, who is a model and a fashionista to be reckoned with, likes to wear vintage.

She has a vintage style that she brings into her everyday life. The fact that she has traveled all around the world in her lifetime only adds up to this collection of outfits that she wears when out and about at clubs or restaurants.

She has a personal style that is unique and one that stands out from the crowd. She has a unique sense of fashion and knows how to rock it when she goes out in public. Her clothing choices are always on point and she looks like she is ready for any event or occasion.


The set of looks is a pretty good representation of how Hadid has been dressing lately: with vintage pieces that she loves and makes her own, as well as new pieces with an edge. She has been on the hunt for more interesting things to wear; from sixties-inspired jackets to the perfect pair of sky-high heels, Bella Hadid is always looking for something new.

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