Because of where we are situated geographically, the average temperature in Singapore falls somewhere between 25 and 31 degrees Celsius, and the humidity and precipitation levels are both very high. However, there are certain months in which the temperature and humidity can reach dangerous levels. Having this information in mind, it is essential for wine collectors and business owners to locate the most appropriate method for storing their wines in Singapore in order to maintain the quality of their wine over time.

The best way to keep your wine in Singapore is one of these three ingenious methods.

1. Avoid direct sunlight

It is recommended that wines be kept in a position where the temperature is maintained at a range of approximately 7 to 18 degrees Celsius when they are being stored. Regarding the specific temperature range, it will mostly be determined by the various types of wines.
In regions with temperatures that are either extremely high or extremely low, our wines can “cook” and lose all of their flavors if the temperature is too high, or the corks can dry up if the temperature is too low. Degradation and early aging can also occur in wines that have been exposed to direct sunlight for an extended period of time. Because of this, wine bottles are typically made of dark materials, which help prevent the Best Wine Fridge quality from being negatively impacted by the sun’s potentially damaging ultraviolet radiation.

2. Place the wine bottles in a horizontal orientation while storing them.

We are aware that arranging all of our wine bottles in a horizontal orientation rather than a vertical orientation will take up significantly more room than the former option. On the other hand, did you know that the way a bottle of wine is stored might impact the quality of the wine?
When we store our wines in a horizontal orientation, the corks on the bottles retain their natural moisture. When stored in an upright position for an extended period of time, the cork will eventually dry out, which will cause it to shift upwards. This will result in oxygen being able to enter the bottle. When anything like this does place, the wine will oxidize, which will cause it to lose all of its flavor.
Consider purchasing a wine rack that has various spaces for bottles if you want to make the most of the space you have available in your house for storing things. These wine racks may be purchased for as little as $15 (Singapore Dollars) each. There are several of these wine racks that can also serve as lovely additions to the interior design of your home.

3. Engaging the services of a specialized wine storage facility

If you are a wine collector or a wine merchant in Singapore, renting a professional wine storage unit is the way to go if you want to preserve your wines for a longer amount of time. This is the greatest option available to you. A professional wine storage facility, such as Extra Space Asia Self-Storage, is a better investment than buying numerous wine refrigerators since it allows you to expand your collection while still allowing you to make better use of the space in your home.
Customers who shop at Extra Space Asia can have peace of mind knowing that their wines are in capable hands. Each wine storage unit is maintained at an ideal temperature ranging from 12 to 14 degrees Celsius and 65% to 75% relative humidity at all times. You also have the option of storing your wine in a walk-in wine cellar or a wine locker, both of which are outfitted with shelving that is designed specifically for the wine industry. At any moment, you have the option to upgrade the size of your wine storage box here. Access to the wine storage facility at Extra Space Asia is available around the clock, seven days a week, at any hour.
Extra Space Asia Self-Storage, in contrast to other wine storages in Singapore, provides complimentary use of the wine tasting room. This area features a discreet and inviting atmosphere, perfect for wine consumers to enjoy a glass or two of their favorite vintage. You may get more information about the wine storages that Extra Space Asia provides by calling (6771 3100) or clicking here.

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