Blake Lively is one of the most beautiful women on planet earth. But she isn’t just a pretty face she’s also an actress who makes it look easy with her natural beauty and effortless style. And when we say effortless, we mean it! Her makeup is so minimal that it hardly looks like you’re wearing any at all. That’s not to say that Blake doesn’t look amazing when she wants to put in work for herself; just look at those eyes! From contoured cheeks to nude lips, here are seven ways you can emulate Blake’s flawless beauty.

Her Gorgeous Eyes

Her eyes are her best feature. They’re youthful and stunning, with a hint of smoky-eye magic. She loves to wear eyeliner, and she’s never afraid to experiment with false lashes or mascara that works well for her because she has such an open face structure that makes it easy for makeup artists to create different looks without making any drastic changes in skin tone.

Subtly Contoured Cheeks

  • Apply the blush with a blush brush. The key to creating an even, natural-looking flush is to use light pressure when applying the product. If you’re using a powder, tap off any excess before blending it into your skin as gently as possible with a clean brush or fingertip.
  • Use bronzer on your cheeks to contour them and make them look fuller when they’re not there (this is called “fake” contouring). To do this effectively: use an angled brush and tap it lightly over one side of each cheekbone until you’ve covered all areas; then blend the edges so that they become seamless you’ll get the best results if you don’t go overboard in trying to make it look like there’s more than one color (for example, by adding too much bronzer).

A Nude Lip

A nude lip is the simplest way to add color to your face. It’s also one of the easiest looks to master and makes look polished on any occasion.

If you’re looking for something more dramatic, try applying a nude lip liner first before applying your lipstick or gloss in this order:

  • Line around your lips with a pencil or liquid liner that matches your base color (we recommend Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil in Zero). This will help keep any stray hairs out of the way while still being able to see them when they peek through!
  • Apply your lipstick or gloss over top of that line using either an angled brush or fingertip applicator as needed depending on how much product you want on each side of where I’ve drawn mine here (you can always add more later if necessary). When finished paint all over both sides at once then blend outwards starting at a centermost point towards the outer edge along the outermost edge towards the center again until completely blended into each other this gives it some dimensionality so it looks like there are two different shades instead just one smooth color throughout the entire area.”
Natural Beauty

A Bold Lip

Bold lips are one of the most popular trends in makeup right now. They’re a bold shade that can either be applied with a lip liner and some gloss or without any base at all. This type of look is often paired with smokey eyes and bright eye shadows for an overall dramatic effect on your face!

Beachy Waves

Blake Lively’s hair is wavy, thick, and full of body. She has a lot of it and that means she needs a lot of help styling it. To get beachy waves like Blake’s, you’ll need:

  • Curling iron or flat iron.
  • Hair dryer.

Hair spray or mousse Comb.

Step 1: Start by brushing your hair with a paddle brush or wide-tooth comb to remove any tangles. Then flip back the top section of your hair and secure it out of the way with an elastic band.

Step 2: Starting at the front of your head, use a curling iron or flat iron to create loose curls. You want them to be big and full not tight! Use your fingers to separate each section before curling it, and hold each curl for about five seconds before releasing.

Step 3: Once you’ve created a few curls throughout the front of your head, use your fingers to separate them and make them look more natural. You can also give them some height by teasing the tops with a comb or brush.

Step 4: Now that you have some big loose curls in place, flip back over to the side section that was secured out of the way earlier. Twist this section up into a bun and secure it with bobby pins.

Step 5: Finally, take your hair spray or mousse and mist it all over your hair. This will help hold the curls in place so they’ll last all day long!

Blake Lively is a fashion icon. Her makeup looks are always on point, and they’re so chic you can almost forget she’s wearing them. The first thing that comes to mind when we think of Blake Lively’s beauty routines is her signature smokey eye a look that has been copied by countless other celebrities (and even some non-celebrities).

But if it weren’t for these skills, there are plenty of other ways in which Blake Lively has influenced the world through her style choices: from inspiring women everywhere who want their unique style; to teach us how important it is for us all as individuals not only feel confident about ourselves but also express who we truly are without being afraid our makeup will ruin someone else’s day; continuing this trend by making sure everyone knows how beautiful they look no matter what type of hair color or nose shape they have; continuing this trend even further.


If you’re looking for a new makeup look, try Blake Lively’s beauty tips and tricks. Her flawless skin and perfect lips are sure to inspire you with their natural radiance and sophistication.

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