Training for the Cisco Certified Network Associate

The most recent certification offered by Cisco, the CCNA certification in dubai, is an associate-level credential that unifies all previous CCNA credentials (such as Routing and Switching, Security, Datacenter, Service Provider, and Wireless) under a single roof. With just one thorough exam, it covers a wide variety of fundamental networking and security skills.

The course comprises learning how to install, administer and manage basic IPv4 and IPv6 networks. It also gives a foundation in network programmability, automation, and software-defined networking and covers the setup and management of network devices such as switches, routers, and wireless LAN controllers.

NlpTech is the new face of CCNA Certification and Training in Dubai, UAE, which delivers both online and classroom-based instruction in the latest cutting-edge core technologies in the IT field. NlpTech is quickly emerging as a leading name in Dubai for offering a highly valued Cisco Certificate, with a 100% pass rate on the first attempt.

NlpTech offers group as well as one-to-one classes and online tutorials that could be scheduled for weekdays or weekends based on the student’s choice. The CCNA course builds the basis in IT infrastructure and networking and keeps the applicant in touch with the evolving developments in the area, all with the help of NlpTech.


Course Specifics

Curriculum vitae

Trainer’s Profile for Lab Infrastructure

Advantages of a training schedule

Course Specifics

The prerequisite for all other Cisco networking certifications is the CCNA. Bypassing the 200-301 Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) test, candidates can apply for a variety of positions that call for the CCNA credential. This test attests to a student’s proficiency in network fundamentals and basic knowledge of security.

Internet Protocol Connection Basics of IP Services Security Programming and automation 200-301 CCNA v1.0 test 120-minute Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) test The Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) 200-301 exam assesses a candidate’s knowledge and abilities in relation to IP connection, IP services, security basics, automation, and programmability as well as network fundamentals, network access, and network fundamentals.

Target Market:

The CCNA certification offers the core skills necessary for installing, running, and verifying Cisco networks. As a result, the following job roles benefit most from taking this course: a network manager IT and related technology industry professionals Network support technician Support engineers IT undergraduates and alums Prerequisite: Applicants for the CCNA program should be familiar with the fundamentals of computer literacy and PC operating system navigation. Internet literacy basics basic understanding of IP addresses and the principles of networks

Curriculum vitae

Exam 200-301 for CCNA:

Associate in Cisco Certified Networks

Network fundamentals (20%): 1.0



IP SERVICES 4.0 (10%)



For CCNA training, Lab Infrastructure NlpTech offers a fully stocked lab with an improved lab topology that simulates a real-world network. The following hardware and software will be configured for use by students during their training; they may also have the opportunity to use more recent versions of these items.

The lab instruction aims to increase the student’s comfort level when using these tools effectively. switches: 2960X, 3750X, and 3560X Router: ISR 1841, 1921, 1941, 2811, 2911, and 2901 EVE-NG, Cisco IOL, Cisco VIRL, and Cisco Modeling Lab are Poe Switch Tools. Wireless LAN controller by Cisco Access Point for Cisco Aironet

Profile of a Trainer

A knowledgeable staff of instructors with more than ten years of combined industry and hands-on training expertise oversees NlpTech. All of the instructors hold numerous CCIE certifications in their specialized fields. Upon email request, individual trainer profiles, demos, and LinkedIn profiles will be sent. Demos in the classroom and online are also offered upon request.

Training Program

Everyone may find a training program at NlpTech that works for them, whether they want to group or one-on-one instruction, in-person or online corporate training, weekdays or weekends. The CCNA course takes 40 hours to complete. Please speak with the institute’s training coordinators for more information.

Weekday CCNA Training Batch (Mon – Fri)

Weekend (Sat-Sun) (Sat-Sun)


Hours for the classroom and the internet

40 Hours

40 Hours


Date: 1 Month, 2 Month


Batch Training Type


Weekdays, 20 March 2023, CCNA classroom (Mon-Fri)

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Weekdays, 27 March 2023, CCNA classroom (Mon-Fri)

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25 March 2023

Weekend CCNA Classroom / Online (Sat-Sun)

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knowledge in configuring and managing Cisco products. understanding of IP addressing basics. strong knowledge of network principles. To install, configure, and run a small- to medium-sized network, solid technical abilities are needed.

the fundamental framework for networking, security, and automation. greater employment opportunities with better compensation. Candidates with CCNA certification may find work in the following positions: Level 1/2 Network Consultant Level 1/2 Technical Consultant Level 1/2 Network Engineer Level 1/2 Network Administrator

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