Chiropody is a general term used for several forms of podiatry, all of which treat problems with the skin and underlying tissues of the foot. It can be used to describe conditions such as warts, corns, calluses, ingrown toenails and other conditions of the feet. Chiropody involves examining, diagnosing and treating the patient’s feet and identifying any health problems. Podiatrists perform physical examinations, provide treatment and give advice on footwear and the use of aids or appliances.

Chiropody is provided by podiatrists, who are trained in the science and practice of feet chiropodist cardiff and ankle care. Chiropodists are members of the British Association of Chiropodists and Podiatrists (BACP). They are regulated by the BACP and qualified by the Health Professions Council.

They can be recognised by the purple cross on the front of their medical card, although there are some exceptions where podiatrists work as a general practitioner or other healthcare professionals rather than a specialist. Most chiropodists hold the title of Fellow of the National College of Chiropodists. Chiropodists may be qualified in one of several specialisms, depending on their level of experience and training.

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