Umrah is a trip to Makkah. It holds spiritual and worldly benefits for Muslims. However, Umrah is all about getting rewards. Annually, Muslims gather Makkah from different parts of the world. The pilgrims travel to the urban areas. Truly, Umrah is a tour of holy sites. The literal meaning of Umrah is to visit the populated sites of Makkah and Madinah. Muslims come to the state of Ihram for doing all holy rites.

Umrah tour consists of various factors. If you want to have an enjoyable tour, you have to plan the trip. Hence, the Cheap Umrah packages play a key role in having a smooth journey. An ideal Budget Umrah 2023 includes lodging, a guide, a visa, and transport. We are the leading travel agency and service provider that offer special and customized Umrah packages as per your needs and requirements.  

Choose from the group and customized Umrah packages

There are two kinds of Umrah deals customized and group. The group deals are excellent for a large number of people. However, the group packages are low in cost. But these bundles include a vast number of facilities for Muslims. The tailor-made packages are just designed according to Muslim demand.  The customized deals indicate the basic demands of pilgrims.

Indeed, every Muslim has unique traveling needs. We also modify Umrah in cheap price to the specific needs of Muslims.

Better to do some research

It is pivotal to invest in Umrah bundles. There are many things to consider for choosing Budget Umrah 2023. Make sure to book Umrah at a reliable agency like Makkah Tour. Thus, you can share your thoughts and needs with us. We bring standard service and ease.

Avail special discounts

When you are approaching a travel agent, ask for some discounts. Firstly, you have to inquire about the agency’s reputation. Also, make sure to work with a certified dealer. Of course, you cannot risk your money for visiting Makkah. It is better to search for discounted deals. Book Umrah in cheap price in advance and get more discounts. So, you can have discounted flight.

Check the availability of Accommodation

The Umrah bundle is usually contained in 3, 4, and 5-star hotels. Hence, you should book a hotel within range of Haram. There are several hotels located around Haram. These all have different amenities. Thus, the pilgrims can enjoy the luxury and economical tour.

Makkah Tour is a reliable organization for Umrah booking. We are offering Budget Umrah 2023 to all Muslims. Most of our agents make your holy Umrah memorable. They work day and night for offering low-budget services. Thus, we love to solve all your traveling issues smoothly.

Makkah Tour brings the richest Umrah tour for Muslims. However, we bring all-inclusive deals our premium and economical packages all meet your needs. We plan Cheap Umrah Packages according to your time and budget.  Thus, our customers’ fee loves to get standard services for Umrah.  Make a booking for a holy tour with us. We never disappoint you throughout the Umrah process.

What are Umrah visa requirements for 2023?

Implementation of E-visa

Umrah is a sacred trip that can be undertaken any time of the year. For a long time, there has been no tour or Umrah visa available for tourists due to COVID-19. Many people from the UK visit Saudi Arabia for Hajj/Umrah purposes. Recently, the Saudi government introduces E-visa for pilgrims that can be obtained through a simple online application process. Now people can grab electronic visas for Umrah and Hajj. However, this process brings ease to the visa system.

How to apply for an E-visa for performing Umrah?

The Hajj and Umrah ministry declares and announces to provide E-visa to the registered travel agency in which pilgrims make a trust for legal purposes. Umrah visa services still require a range of documents such as:

  • Women need to submit marriage certificates and children are advised to present a birth certificate.
  • Gordian or Mahram must travel on the same flight with women or children
  • Women above 45 can travel alone without a Mahram but they must be traveled with an organized group. Women need to submit a no-objection letter from their Mahram to have a smooth Umrah with the group.
  • Plus, pilgrims must have health insurance, so it is great to get the help of approved agents.

 What rules to follow for Umrah?

It is decided by the authorities that overseas pilgrims are allowed to partake in Umrah but they should obtain a valid vaccination certificate. The vaccination certificate must be attached to the Umrah application with such a vaccine that is approved by the KSA health authority.

Vaccination guidelines to follow

We know that the Umrah pilgrimage can undertake at any time and worshipers can submit Umrah’s applications at any time. It is stated that domestic and overseas pilgrims should provide a COVID-19 vaccination certificate. On the other hand, the pilgrims from such countries that are on the ban list of the KSA may need to complete a quarantine period.

Features of Mobile apps

We already know that only vaccinated people are allowed to enter Makkah and they must enjoy excellent health conditions. On the other hand, the pilgrims should adhere to SOP’s protocols that ensure the safety of the overseas pilgrims. For the permit, the pilgrims must download and get registered their number on Eatmarna and Tawakkalna apps. You cannot enter without getting an official permit and you may pay a fine if you enter the Haram without a fine. Some other rules are:

  • Pilgrims should take vaccination of Moderna, Pfizer, and AstraZeneca to perform Umrah.
  • The pilgrims must visit the care center and allow the authorities to check their vaccination status.
  • People strictly follow the timing and date of Umrah that is allocated to them on the app.
  • Only certified companies will provide visas and other Umrah services in Makkah.

Get other facilities in one Budget Umrah 2023

When people plan to perform Umrah they make a proper budget for their visit and they calculate everything properly. Most of people want transportation facilities. They desire that transportation and food facilities also be given in their travel packages, as it will be helpful to them for saving time and money. We always make sure to satisfy our clients, we make sure to provide you any kind of facility that you want in the Umrah package. You can get all the best services from us, so you can perform your religious activity with great bliss.

Booking your Budget Umrah 2023 with us right now

For us, our clients are most important, and Makkah Tour always does our best to make our clients happy. This coming year we are providing many other best deals for your cheap Umrah packages. We are providing the best Umrah at a cheap price and you can also customize your Budget Umrah 2023. Our staff is always ready to help and guide you they will be in your touch, so you can ask them anything. So if you are planning to perform Umrah in 2023 Book your cheap Umrah package with us now and get all the best facilities. We make sure not to disappoint you.

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