Yellowstone is a significant attention grabber that has captured the spirit of a perfect neo-western action-packed family drama. It has established a benchmark for twisted plots and introduced the world to a Western fashion. The show pays homage to American cowboy culture and heritage through all the apparel whether it’s the Men’s Western Jackets or Womens Western Jackets. The face behind this master creation is the talented Yellowstone Costume Designer Johnetta Boone, who has ensured to provide character insight through her Apparel. Please keep reading to discover what inspired her to create such a distinguished look and discrete apparel via her recent interview. Let’s begin!

A short session with Yellowstone Costume Designer: Johnetta Boone

Q1: How many hours of research Being a Yellowstone Costume Designer did you need to capture the ethos of a rancher perfectly?

Boone: Western heritage has extended all across the territories with its full charm, forming a vast and diverse cowboy culture worldwide. And as someone acquiring multiple horses who have regularly ridden for about four years, I am one of the biggest fans of cowboy culture.

Still, it took me hours of practical research to find the right style for each character. However, with the pre-established base, things were easy in season 2; I had an excellent template to examine and place outfits on the Dutton Family.

Q2: From John Dutton to Rip Wheeler and from Kayce to Beth, each one of the ranchers had their signature looks. What inspired you to adapt these looks to give an insight into the character’s personality? 

Boone: Although all the Duttons belonged to the same family, it was essential to differentiate them from each other so that none of the characters lost their importance in the show. Also, each Dutton owned a distinct position in the family and the business. For example, John Dutton, the head of the family and powerful owner in the region, enjoys maximum power control, yet he still is a cowboy. And we needed to elevate his style in a way that would exactly represent his capabilities. 

Thus, I replaced casual clothing with high-end brands such as Wrangler denim, customer pieces, etc. 

On the other hand, Beth’s clothing captured the essence of vibrancy, still showcasing that she is from Montana. Looking closer at her apparel, you will notice soft color themes with floral or geometric patterns that show her linear side- especially when she is with rip. However, to showcase her stronger and professional side, we made her sport some European flairs, such as the stunning Alexander McQueen blazers. 

Q3: Do you have any favorite characters or dresses? If yes, who is it?

Boone: Yellowstone is a whole world, with each character having a decent role. Although every actor has done complete justice with their character, regarding showcasing a ranch life and culture, Taylor Sheridon has done an excellent job. So, above all, he has gotten my heart. 

Q4: Why did you choose Yellowstone to work with? Are you planning to jump into other genres in the future? 

Boone: Well, the truth is, I did not choose the show; the show chose me. As someone who has loved riding on horses and has been a cowboy life fan, I was overwhelmed when Taylor Sheridon approved me for the show. 

All the work of faith assigns us all the duties we need to perform in this world. In addition, there are many other genres I am planning to jump into, including fantasy, romance, spy thrillers, and futuristic technologies. 

Q5: What do you think are the essentials of honoring traditions regarding the brands? 

Boone: Western fashion has taken the world by storm in this era, paving the way for not getting stuck in the past traps. However, I always stay assured that the elements I will be using are timeless, whether printed fabrics or ornamented apparel. 

Some renowned brands, including Wrangler and Garhatt, constantly try to elope with the fashion genre, renovating their ranges and allowing me to learn from their experiments.

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On the bottom line, Jonetta Boone has reflected the western ranch life through Yellowstone Apparel by her in the TV Series. Speaking her heart out, she apprised about her efforts, inspirations, and strategies her crew relied on to create the magic we have seen on screen. The content above also captures the essence of her untamed spirit to move forward in her career at the same pace.

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