Amped WiFi range extenders are one of the best networking devices that are most preferred by many users. You can enjoy seamless internet in different parts of your home by getting the Amped wireless setup of the extender done in your home. This extender comes with various awesome features. Just like other smart home devices can be accessed without having manual access, so is the case with Amped extenders. You can turn on or off the home WiFi using Enable Access Schedule feature of the Amped wireless range extender. This whole informative article is meant to provide you with guidelines about how you can enable Access Achedule on your device. Thus, go on reading further, make the changes and enjoy WiFi worry-free.

Steps to Enable Access Schedule on Amped Extender

Before you are trying to enable the Access Schedule feature on your device, it is to be made sure that you have already set up your extender with the home network. If you haven’t then consider doing it first using the instructions highlighted in the user manual. After the setup is completed, you can proceed further.

Step 1: Turn On Extender

First and foremost, go near your Amped extender and connect its power cable to an active power socket. Now, turn on the power button located on the extender to power it up. The LEDs on the extender will become solid and then you can go to the next step.

Step 2: Connect it to Router

To move further, you need to establish a connection between the Amped range extender and the host router. We recommend you connect them using an Ethernet cable as the connection made this way is solid and there are fewer chances of signal dropping. Use a well-working Ethernet cable and insert one of its ends into the Ethernet port of the extender and the other one into the Ethernet port of the router.

Step 3: Power Up PC

It is now time to get access to your PC. You can use a computer or a laptop as per availability. But make sure the PC that you use should be updated to the most recent version. Plug the computer’s power cable into the wall socket and turn it on. If you are using a laptop here then turn it on. Make sure it is sufficiently charged.

Step 4: Launch Internet Browser

On your computer or laptop, load in the internet browser now. You can use any favorite browser of yours. But make sure it is updated to the latest version of the software. Additionally, it should be clear of cache, cookies and browsing history to avoid any issues. Make sure that you are not using the private window.

Step 5: Access Amped Login Page

Now, take the mouse cursor to the URL bar of the browser. Make sure you are using the URL bar and not the search bar of the browser. In the URL bar, input the login web address or the default IP address of the Amped wireless extender. Hitting the Enter key will take you to the login page. On this page, input the login details carefully and do the login. You will be navigated to the Settings page of the Amped extender thereafter.

Step 6: Enable Access Schedule

On the Settings page, navigate to the wireless settings option. After that click on the Access Schedule option. Enable the option by clicking on the Check button next to it. After that choose particular days and times of the days when you want WiFi to be turned on and off. After you have made desired changes as per your requirements, click on Apply button and then click on the Save button to make the changes effective. The changes made by you have been changed. You can change the WiFi schedule again using the same method if you want to make any amendments to this.

Closing Note

This is how you can enable Access Schedule on your Amped WiFi range extender. WiFi will automatically turn on and off as per the set schedule now. We would recommend you to update the firmware on your extender right after this so that you can avoid unnecessary Amped wireless troubleshooting and get the maximum output from your Apmed extender.

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