Quest 2 accessories comprise a pretty huge category of products in the market at the moment. Anything that can make your life with a Quest 2 headset easier, Quest 2 accessory manufacturers have already made. Many variants of that product will be easily available online for your use.  Read on if you want to find out which accessory will make your game time better and what you should be looking for in the product. 

Accessories Every Quest 2 Owner Should Have! 

If you don’t own even one of the following Oculus accessories for Quest 2, we salute your patience with Quest 2 headset. Don’t get us wrong, Quest 2 has been the best in the VR world till now but it does need some additional features to make it comfortable for long play times. 

It was because of the need for longer and painless playtimes that there are so many Quest 2 accessories available. You shouldn’t, however, buy all of them just because they are there. You should be focusing on some particular features when looking to buy these products. Following are the Quest 2 accessories that you can use regularly with your headset. In each product section, you’ll find everything that you should look for in your Meta/Oculus accessories

Quest 2 Head Straps & Their Many Features

Quest 2 Accessories

One of the most important Quest accessories that you can buy to make Quest 2 game time comfortable is a head strap. Do you ever feel any pain in your back and neck as you play with your Quest 2? 

Well, a good head strap is going to end that pain by spreading out the weight of the Quest 2 headset across the head. Here are what features you need to consider before you buy your Quest 2 head strap: 

  • Adjustability in the Head Strap: 
  • Adjustable dial to fit your head
  • Additional strap to help further adjust to your head, like the one in Syntech’s VR Head Strap for Quest 2
  • Support for the Quest 2 Head Strap: 
  • The head strap should be able to balance the weight of the Quest 2 headset across the head.
  • No pressure on one point or another
  • Open to the Addition of Battery for Oculus Quest 2: 
  • The head strap should be compatible with battery packs for Oculus Quest 2 

Meta/Oculus Quest 2 Battery Packs to Look For!

The Oculus battery pack was a product that came as a surprise to no one. Why? 

Quest accessories

Quest 2 has a very short battery time of about 2 to 3 hours. The higher the graphic requirements from the Quest 2 headset, the quicker your Quest 2 battery will drain. It is for this reason alone that currently Quest 2 battery packs are manufactured by every Quest 2 accessory company. There are many variations in the Meta/Oculus Quest 2 battery packs available in the market, however, we want you to focus on the following key features when you choose.

  • The capacity of the Quest 2 Battery Pack: 
  • Meta/Oculus Quest 2 battery pack should have 5,000mAH to 10,000mAH capacity. 
  • 6 hours or more play time guaranteed
  • Weight of the Meta/Oculus 2 Battery Pack: 
  • The battery pack should be able to counter the weight of the Quest 2 headset on the front
  • Keep the battery pack lightweight but not too light, it should be comfortable
  • Compatibility and Ease in Installation of the Quest 2 Battery Pack: 
  • Make sure that battery pack installation is swift and easy
  • Latches, clips, and magnets are easy to use and the most popular

Quest 2 Carrying Case Features that are Important

Let’s not forget that storing the Quest 2 headset while it’s not in use or while you’re carrying it around is an important concern. Quest 2 headsets have proven time and time again that they are pretty sensitive to sunlight. The Quest 2 headset apparatus is fragile and one hit is all it takes for the Quest 2 to stop working. We recommend that you check the large carrying case for Quest 2 accessories from Syntech.

Oculus 2 accessories

So you might want to invest in a Quest 2 carrying case if you haven’t already. Here are the key features to look for in the Quest 2 cases: 

  • Size of the Quest 2 Carrying Case: 
  • Oculus 2 accessories are not small, rather they are huge. 
  • Ensure that your carrying case has space for storing your VR accessories 
  • Durability of the Quest 2 Carrying Case: 
  • The carrying case should be made out of good quality material and by a good manufacturer.
  • Storage Compartments within the Carrying Case: 
  • Your carrying case for Quest 2 should contain designated spaces for the different Quest 2 accessories. 

Link Cables & Their Functions

 Quest 2 link cable

When the Meta/Oculus Quest 2 accessories were released, one of the most popular ones turned out to be a Link Cable that connects the Meta/Oculus Quest 2 to the PC. Everyone wants to have a go at the PCVR experience and a functional link cable is the best way to go about it.  

 Here’s what you need to focus on when you’re looking for a Quest 2 link cable: 

  • Transfer Speed of the Quest 2 Link Cable: 
  • Up to 5 Gbps data transfer speed is ideal
  • 3 Gbps in third-party link cables also works fine
  • Length of the Link Cable: 
  • Choose length according to your playing area.

Face Covers for Quest 2

Out of all the Meta/Oculus accessories, this simple accessory was a surprise and yet something that we cannot live without now. Who knew that all the sweat from Quest 2 exercise was going to get soaked up by the face shield around the Quest 2 headset? We needed an alternative and manufacturers served! 

 Meta/Oculus accessories,

Here’s what you need to look for in this VR accessory: 

  • Material of the Face Shield: 
  • Silicone-based materials are the safest
  • Face shields should be easy to clean and wash
  • Check for the foam inside the faces hield for maximum comfort
  • Adjustability & Fit of the Face Shield:
  • The shield should mold to the contours of your face
  • A good face shield will block out all light from outside 

Now You Can Easily Pick Your Accessories for Oculus Quest 2

When purchasing Quest 2 accessories in 2023, it is important to consider essential features that enhance your gaming experience and protect your investment. 

Head straps with adjustable features and proper support alleviate discomfort during extended play sessions. Battery packs with higher capacities ensure longer playtime, while lightweight options maintain a comfortable balance. Quest 2 carrying cases should be spacious, durable, and have designated compartments for organized storage. Link cables with optimal transfer speeds and appropriate lengths enable seamless PCVR integration. Face shields with silicone-based materials and adjustable fit provide hygiene and comfort. 

By considering these features, you can enhance your Quest 2 gaming experience and protect your headset, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment of virtual reality. We would suggest that you look around at all the options, check reviews, and then buy the products. 

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