Child custody laws are a controversial topic in the mainstream. The laws are made for the welfare of the children when the parents decide to divorce. It is a rough situation for the child, and the law solely works to ensure the best for them. Many scenarios can take place after the hearing of courts in cases for child custody. Both need to present a solid foundation on their behalf by a child custody lawyer.

There are a lot of law firms in New Jersey that offer services for individuals looking for the best lawyers in New Jersey. Parents must choose the best child custody lawyers for cases like child custody. However, it is also necessary for individuals to go through child custody law before deciding the ideal option for their child custody lawyer. 

Significant Points About Child Custody Law

Child custody laws are a very broad range topic, and it takes work to grasp the entire concept of these laws. Layers are specifically able to understand the whole idea of these laws, and based on their thorough research, we can present some of the significant points about child custody law.

1. Relation of Child with Parents

A child’s relationship with their parents is an important parameter for their custody in the court. And even though both parents are equal before the law, their connection with their children is a key aspect of a child’s custody. 

2. Child’s Preference

Secondly, if a child is over 12, their preference is a voice in the court. Choosing your parents can be a challenging job for any individual or child. Therefore, the court only recognizes the selection of the child if they feel that their decision is objectively right. 

3. Home Environment and Members

In joint families, there are also other members like grandparents. Therefore child custody lawyers try to build a case for the children to be in a safer and open home environment. The presence of grandparents and single parents can influence the jury to favor the home with parents and grandparents. 

4. Parents’ Physical and Mental State

Both parents should be in a good state of mind if they want custody of their child. However, if a court feels, for some reason, a parent is not fit to take care of a child, they can take the child’s custody.

5. Financial Condition of Parents

Each parent can present themselves more favorably based on their financial status. And even though the financial stability of each parent does not significantly impact the court’s decision. It is one of the factors to consider in child custody laws. 

6. Joint Custody

At last, joint custody is also an option in case of custody laws. Still, it is highly disputed among the parents. Every parent wants the best for their children, but in some cases, joint custody is ideal for both parents’ and children’s welfare. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much time does it take to get child custody?

Depending on the case, child custody cases can take months to reach a conclusive verdict.

How can I get full custody of my child?

You need to find a good attorney and win the case to get custody of your child.

Does the court count the child’s preference for a parent in the case?

Only in some cases, and that too when the child is older than 12 years. 


These are some brief details about child custody law directly impacting the child’s custody. If you’re looking for the best lawyers in New Jersey, then make sure to reach Barli Associates. We have over a decade of experience in helping individuals with their cases.

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