The era in which we exist needs an endurable and conscious lifestyle to be embraced and incorporated into our lives. As the effects of global warming intensify and natural resources become increasingly scarce, adopting environmentally sustainable practices is a crucial step that individuals can take to make a modest contribution toward protecting the planet. How does installing a dual flush system, sourced from one of the top bathroom accessories manufacturers India, have any relevance? Despite its minor impact, this step can significantly reduce water wastage. 

Let’s explore what a dual flush system is and how it operates.

What do you mean by a dual flush?

A dual-flush toilet features two buttons and a handle mechanism, allowing people to select between two different amounts of water to flush with. This technology was originally developed by Australians and has become increasingly popular worldwide. The purpose of this mechanism is to reduce the amount of water used to flush, depending on the type of waste being disposed of. The design is based on the fact that liquid waste requires less water to flush than solid waste.

How does a dual flush work?

The amount of water required to remove waste from a toilet bowl is determined by the flushing mechanism. In standard toilets, a siphoning action is typically used, which involves a siphoning tube to eliminate waste. This mechanism, also known as a flap valve, operates in a one-way direction, enhancing the flush action through the use of natural force. As the toilet pushes water up and down, the siphon functions as a one-way diaphragm.

Push button

In contrast to a single-flush toilet, a dual flush toilet is equipped with two buttons on the cistern. One button is designed to deliver a smaller amount of water (e.g., 3 liters), while the other delivers a greater amount (e.g., 6 liters).

Tipping bucket

When the lever of the tipping bucket cistern is rotated halfway, it can function in dual flush mode, releasing a volume of 2.5-5 liters.

What are the reasons to switch to dual flush systems?

Compared to conventional toilets, dual flush toilets feature a larger diameter trap way that is less prone to clogging due to their efficient use of water. These toilets require less water to flush liquid waste and are more water-saving than low-flow toilets. Both buttons are connected to exit valves. Dual flushing is an effective method of water conservation that can save up to 20,000 liters of water, making it an eco-friendly option. When choosing a dual flush toilet, it is advisable to select a trusted brand that offers high-quality products. Plumber Bathware, one of the best bathroom fittings manufacturers in Delhi, prioritizes performance by emphasizing uncompromising quality and constant innovation. Their range of sanitaryware includes durable and stylish solutions for your entire toilet setup, including concealed plates, dual flushes, cisterns, and more.

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