If you are part of the access control system industry, which is why you are on this website, you may be aware of all the tension and pressure field professionals face on the field. The job assures security and safety to the customer, but there are certain situations where there may not be security for your working hours, equipment, or invoices. 

Manual field service management can be time-consuming, hard to track, and lacks assurance. Writing down notes, filling forms, and other physical-based field management has been outdated with the introduction of Access Control Management Software.

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1. What Is Access Control Management Software?

Access Control Technician

Both the management and field professionals use this software to stabilize and streamline their businesses. This software is a game-changer from managing work orders and schedules to monitoring technicians and the company’s progress. It helps you personalize and stay in charge of your business from anywhere and anytime with unlimited access to all data and documents. You can access the software through the website or use the mobile version for more efficiency. 

The software has many features which will convince you that it is essential in your Access Control System Business.

2. Why do Field Professionals need the Software?


Although the software is accessible to anyone within the organization, it provides more advantages for field technicians. Do you know why? This is because they have more official matters to handle on the field while completing their fieldwork. This can be hectic and stressful, which leads to unnecessary errors while creating handwritten invoices or wrong mind calculations. This is a disadvantage for everyone. Field professionals also require guidance and monitoring on the field in case of emergencies or doubts. To eliminate such unsatisfactory circumstances, field professionals need a virtual assistant that can provide them with all the possible help within a few clicks and without errors.

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3. How Field Professionals May Benefit from Access Control Systems?

Here are some of the features that can assist and benefit the access control system field professionals

  • On the RoadUsing the control system software management, field technicians can find their customer location with ease. By using shortcuts, accessible routes, and avoiding traffic, this feature can control system professionals to find their destination in time. This helps save fuel, effort, and time. The access control system software is integrated with a GPS feature that helps find locations, estimate the time, and find the easy way.
  • EquipmentAccess control systems usually don’t work with heavy equipment. However, if your technicians want to find valuable and important spare parts, they can always borrow, rent or use the equipment. Equipment used on the field is recorded on the invoices and updated to the cloud so that future technicians can also access it when necessary. Hence all the details regarding the equipment you need are available on the software, and you can quickly get them from its location.
  • Work OrdersWhen it comes to working orders, Access Control Systems for Small Businesses require the help of software. It helps organize all the schedules and dispatches in order, with a simple drag and drop. It keeps you punctual by sending reminders before dispatches to both the technicians and the customers. You can also monitor the pending work orders, unapproved ones, and those yet to be paid. The software gives you all the required information with just a single swipe.
  • CustomersIt’s not just about finding your customers; the software can provide customer information with the help of integrations. For example, Field Promax is integrated with QuickBooks, which helps us enlarge our customer and product database. You can add descriptions for customers and stay in check with their work orders. The software is also helpful to provide instant support to customer queries and needs. Thus a great way to strengthen your business’s customer relationship management.
  • BillsWith the access control software, you don’t have to think twice about your invoices and estimates. The software generates all the estimates based on the customer’s service request. It is converted into a work order once the customer approves it via email or the software itself. Invoices are created on the completion of the work, with information like working hours, equipment used, and images of the before and after for proof. This stabilized the authenticity and transparency of the business, increasing the trust in the company.
  • TimecardsAlong with tracking your access control technicians on the field, technicians can also track their working hours by inserting their starting and ending times on the software. This helps calculate the total amount of working hours and a chance to increase the billable hours.
  • Calendar ViewsThis is a handy and helpful feature for an access control system technician. It helps him stay on track with all his work orders, scheduled assignments, and meetings. It also helps avoid double bookings and time management issues. Technicians can use this option to view their daily, weekly, and monthly assignments simultaneously and be prepared, respectively.

Wrapping Up

Field Service Management Software

Access control system field technicians need software in hand to help them navigate their responsibilities between the field and the office. It helps them build confidence in their work and bring significant profits and benefits to the company. 

Above mentioned, are seven exclusive offers provided by Field Promax, a leading access control management software in the industry. We aim to make the field a happy and earning place. With adequate support and good features to overcome the files and documents, your access control business can bloom in no time.

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