We want to tell you how to get good marks in JEE mains. Because you all know very well that every year many students give JEE Mains exam; this exam is for IIT and engineering students. And in that every year How to get Good marks in JEE mains and this exam every year, the competition has also increased a lot. Due to this, the cutoff of JEE Mains goes very high every year. And it has become difficult for the students to perform well in this exam. You need to give this exam to be admitted to IIT. That’s why we are telling you about Horizon Academy Best JEE Coaching Institute in East Delhi. How can you prepare well for this JEE Mains and perform well in it? Because we know this thing. Many students in India want to become sound engineers in the future. And this is because, in our country, engineers are considered capable from the beginning.

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But if you want to score well in JEE minus. So it would be best if you did your studies with much hard work and dedication. And for this, knowing the right tricks and strategy is essential. Because if you work hard.

  And you need to know the right strategy. So you are not going to benefit from this, so let us now talk about the right tips and strategies to score well in JEE Mains, which will be very useful for you.

Given below are some essential strategies to get good marks in JEE Mains.

 Strengthening the Basics

This is very important for you. Because JEE Mains exam is known for testing the basics, and that’s why you should clear the basics of all the topics or chapters first. Read your chapters carefully and try to understand their basic principles. And along with this, you must remember the formulas, definitions, and theorems of all the chapters.

  So that you can quickly solve the questions in those chapters. Because when you become more substantial than the basic level, you can quickly solve the higher level.

Practice, practice, practice

Practice is the key to scoring well in JEE Mains. For this, you can solve previous years’ papers, mock tests, and sample papers. This will benefit you because, before the exam, you will get an idea of the exam pattern and the questions that will come with it so that you can improve your JEE Mains preparation even more. And it will also help to increase your problem-solving speed, which is vital in time-bound exams like JEE Mains.

Stay Calm and Confident

At the last moment of the paper, you must remain calm and confident. When you are writing your exam, you do not have to worry about any questions. If you do not know this question, leave it and solve another question. And keep your attitude positive.

   If you follow these batteries correctly, you can get good marks in JEE mains.


We, Horizon Academy Best JEE Coaching Institute in East Delhi, have told you about some strategies above. If you follow them well, you can get good marks in JEE mains. And if you also want to preparing for JEE, you can come to us because we have Horizon Academy Best JEE Coaching Institute in East Delhi. We have available expert teachers of all subjects who have cracked this exam earlier with high ranks. People also know us as the Best NEET & IIT Coaching Institute in East Delhi.

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