As a customer when we are finding a car from japan auction house then notice one thing the action sheet is attached to every car you import from japan. But there is a problem for people those are not live in japan. The problem is reading the auction sheet because the auction sheet is written in the Japanese language so it’s difficult to understand the auction sheet report.

Nowadays internet is very common in this generation most people know how to use the internet and they translate the Japanese language into their own language that they understand.

In this article, I am telling you all about the grades in the auction sheet and how you can understand the grades in the auction sheet report.

Grades in Auction Sheet:

A grade is a number that is written in the auction sheet report. The number that is given by the inspector after checking the car’s condition is a grade number. You know very well because of great quality Japan is a popular country and export their used cars in all over the world.

It is important for the person to know about the grades because it can stop you from buying an accidental car from japan. Buyer finalizes the car to dealer after checking the d=grade carefully. If you want to know what is auction sheet then it is a complete X-ray of a Japanese car that helps you to buy or select a Japanese used car.

The grade is mentioned by the inspector of the auction sheet house it is not mentioned by the dealer from whom you purchase the car. In Japan, all the dealer shops that are selling cars are named auction houses, and all the selling and dealing happens in the auction house. The inspector that checks the car in the auction house is not biased because he has to write the true condition of the car in the auction sheet so he is very sticking and hard when checking the car.

How Japanese mentioned the Grade in the Auction sheet report?

The Grades are mentioned according to the condition of the car but there is a thing that affects negatively the person who sells his car. The auction house inspector notices or writes every minor dent or scratch on the car and the price or value of the car is decreased in the market.

The system that the Japanese use for inspecting can catch every small dent or scratch and that’s the reason why japan is a well-known country for its quality all over the world. The auction house inspector never mentions the maximum grade on the auction sheet they have their own car ranking.

Grades in Japanese Auction sheet report:

The Japanese grading system is not different for every country but it is the same in every country. The cars sold from the auction house have a grade in their auction report. The grade is mentioned in one figure according to the condition of the car. You can also buy a new car from Japanese auction houses. There are three grades that have different meaning. Let’s see the three different grades figures:

S Grade:

This grade means that the condition of the car is new and the car mileage is under 5,000 Km.  So, these types of cars are sold at a high prices because the condition of the car is new.

R Grade:

This grade means that the car had an accident and the parts of car are replaced and some are repaired. This grade is also known as an A grade.

RA OR A1 Grade:

The car had a minor accident and the car is repaired after the accident.

Accidental cars Grade:

The accidental cars are mentioned by this sign “***”. These three starts indicate that the car is accidentally sold in accidental condition. If the dealer is saying that there is no sign of an accident and the condition is good then it means that the car is repaired after came from japan. As you see in the AR grade. If you have car for sale in Pakistan the contact with autodeals.pk.

Number of Grades in Auction Sheet:

The cars that are non-accidental or non-repaired are mentioned in the number form of grades. The number grades are 1 grade, 2 grade, 3 grade, 3.5 grade, 4 grade, 4.5 grade, 5 grade, and 6 grade.

Low grades mean that there are some scratches or dents on the car that minimize the market value and price of the car. High grade means that the condition of the car is new and great.

1 Grade:

An inferior car is basically a pile of you know and a very heavily modified car.

2 grade:

This grade means that the car is modified or corroded.

3 Grade:

This grade means that the car has some dents, scratch and the paint is also used on some parts to hide some scratches.

3.5 Grades:

The condition is average but there are some minor scratches or dents that are visible on the car.

4 Grade:

The vehicle has small minor scratches that are common in normal cars. But the condition of the car is good.

4.5 Grade:

This grade means that there is no scratch on the car or neither dent. The vehicle condition is excellent

5 Grade:

The car is new and all the body parts of the car are original. The price of this grade car is high in the market.


The whole article contains all the grades that are written on the auction sheet verification report. I hope this article will help you before importing the car from Japan and also help you to read the grades on the auction sheet report.

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