Handmade jewelry always in high demand. Handmade jewelry adore for its artistic integrity and sentimental value.

It evokes the real feeling and quality that mass-produced jewelry not.

1.     Making Earrings

  Try making Swarovski crystal earrings:

 You only need two earring finds, two jump rings and two crystals for your charms to make these earrings. You will also need a set of pliers to make opening and closing the jewelry easier.

    Add the crystals to the jump rings:

 Use the pliers to open the two rings. Slide the crystals onto the jump rings through the holes in the charms.

When you put the earring on and close the ring, make sure the front and back of the crystals are facing the same direction. If not, you can always rotate the crystal on the jump ring and open it again.

   Add the earring finds to the jump rings:

  Once the crystals are on, slide the earring findings onto the rings. You should be able to hold the jump ring with the earring and dangling crystal. Close and secure the jump rings with pliers.

You can complete this unique earring project in less than five minutes and end up with beautiful earrings.


2.     Making a Bracelet

  Try making a beaded bracelet:

 A simple beaded bracelet is an excellent starting point for making Homemade jewelry. All you will need are the beads of your choice, bead wire, wire, rings, crimp beads and a clasp to fasten this bracelet.

  Add beads to your bracelet wire:

 Begin by stringing the beads onto the remaining coil wire. You can continuously adjust the length of the bracelet by holding the wire attached to the coil. Continue stringing the beads until the bracelet is as long as you want.

 Determine your bracelet length:

Consider how much length the jump ring and clasp will add to your finished bracelet, then remove some beads that are equivalent to that length.

 Add a jump ring to an end of your bracelet:

Add a jump ring and crimp bead to the end of the bracelet. Leave some space at the end of the wire. Thread the end of the wire back through the crimp bead at the end. A ring should hang from the wire loop.

Secure an end to your bracelet:

The connecting ring should be tensioned against the wire as you continue to thread the wire through the remaining beads. Secure the crimp bead by clamping with crimping pliers.

You can also cut off the excess wire near the crimp bead to avoid punctures.

 By turning and opening the jump ring with pliers, slide the clip onto one of the end rings to secure it. Link your bracelets together after you close the ring.

The same method can be used to make a simple necklace with more beads and longer wire Homemade jewelry.

3.     Making a Ring

  Try making a beaded ring:

A beaded ring for beginners is a simple and straightforward project. To make a beaded ring, you need bead glue, small glass beads, nylon string for the ring, and small glass beads.

Feed your beginning beads onto your ring thread:

Start with ring thread that is approximately 10 to 12 inches long. Feed on three small glass beads of your choice in any color.

Hold the two ends of the thread together while the three beads fall to the middle of the thread when they are on it.

Thread the connecting bead:

. The fourth bead should be added to one of the ends of the thread, but should not fall down to meet the other beads. Instead, thread the other end of the ring thread through the top of the bead with the other end of the ring thread. The two strands of the bracelet should now be coming out of the bead in opposite directions. To thread the bead in place, pull the threads out in opposite directions. This fourth bead will serve as a link between the other beads.

Continue adding beads to the ring thread:

Add one bead to each of the different ends of the threads. Then add a third bead to act as a connecting bridge bead. To secure the bead, pull both ends of the ring thread through it (thread the thread in opposite directions) and pull the ends of the thread.

You can check the length of the ring intermittently by wrapping it around your finger. Continue adding beads in this manner until the ring is long enough to wrap around your finger. Simply make sure you hold the loose end of the ring.

Connect the ends of the ring together:

Thread the two loose ends of the ring thread through the hole in the first ring edge. If you want to make the connection more secure, you may want to thread the ring thread through the bead again. Finish the ring by tying the ends of the thread into a knot. Cut off any excess line and think about adding a drop of glue to the ends of the line to keep them together.

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