In a world perpetually in flux, art serves as both a reflection and a guiding light. As we emerge from a period of unprecedented change, the contemporary artwork is ablaze with the innovative spirit of the next generation. This summer, we invite you to embark on a journey through the captivating exhibitions showcasing the talents of the Class of 2022. From Norwich to Westminster, these shows are a testament to the resilience, creativity, and vision of today’s emerging artists.

Norwich University of the Arts’ talents Showcase 2022:

Launching on the 12th of July, the Norwich University of the Arts Graduate Showcase heralds the arrival of fresh voices in the art world. Among the standout works is Joe Corlito’s captivating advertising campaign, “You’re only as old as you feel,” a fusion of Californian streetwear giant Stussy and automotive market leader Volkswagen. Corlito’s imagery, capturing the essence of authenticity in today’s digital age, is just one example of the talent emanating from Norwich.

Loughborough University School of Design and Creative Arts Degree Show 2022:

From the 10th to the 19th of June, the Loughborough University School of Design and Creative Arts Degree Show unveils the essence of Aesthetica, pushing boundaries and reshaping perceptions with each stroke and pixel. This year’s graduates, spanning disciplines from textiles to architecture, present a fresh perspective on art and design, grounded in real-world applications. Katie Butcher’s exploration of the human-environment connection is emblematic of the cohort’s dedication to addressing societal challenges through creative expression.

UWE Bristol Degree Show:

At the heart of UWE Bristol’s 2022 Showcase lies a celebration of emerging talent across diverse creative disciplines. From art and design to animation and filmmaking, the exhibition at the Centre of Contemporary Arts, Arnolfini, showcases the breadth and depth of creativity in today’s landscape. Ajay Boga’s exploration of ‘Indianness’ in graphic design is a testament to the thought-provoking narratives woven throughout the showcase.

Creative Uprising: UCA Graduate Show:

The tumultuous past few years have only fueled the creative fire within graduates from the University for the Creative Arts. Spread across Farnham, Epsom, Rochester, and Canterbury, the UCA Graduate Shows offer a platform for artists to challenge conventions and reimagine the world around us. Olivia Cooper’s poignant exploration of identity exemplifies the innovative spirit driving this creative uprising.

Our Big Big Big Show 2022:

Leeds Arts University’s 2022 exhibition, aptly titled “Our Big Big Big Show,” marks a triumphant return to in-person showcases. From contemporary art to fashion and photography, the exhibition at Blenheim Walk and Vernon Street Campuses is a testament to the diverse talents nurtured at Leeds Arts University. Edward Gao’s mesmerizing underwater photograph captures the essence of the show’s grandeur and spectacle.

Westminster Degree Shows 2022:

At the University of Westminster, creativity knows no bounds. The 2022 Degree Shows, available both online and on-campus throughout the summer, showcase the multifaceted talents of the graduating cohort. With themes ranging from coexistence to cultural heritage, the exhibitions challenge viewers to engage, interpret, and shape the world around them.

As we navigate an ever-changing landscape, these summer showcases offer a glimpse into the future of art and design. From Norwich to Westminster, the Class of 2022 is poised to make its mark on the world stage. So, join us on this journey of discovery as we celebrate the transformative power of creativity and the boundless potential of tomorrow’s masters.

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