As the cannabis industry continues to grow, it is essential for cannabis businesses to focus on creating high-quality healing products and custom packaging that inspire trust and confidence in their customers.

The packaging of cannabis products plays a critical role in ensuring the safety and quality of the product. Now, let’s discuss the importance of using the right cannabis packaging strategy. While we’re at it, we will provide tips and resources for creating effective cannabis packaging that inspires trust, so you can get more customers.

Importance of Proper Cannabis Packaging:

Proper cannabis packaging is vital for ensuring the safety and quality of the product. It is essential to protect the product from moisture, light, and oxygen, which can degrade the quality and potency of the product. Additionally, proper packaging is necessary to comply with state and local regulations that require specific labeling and child-resistant features.

Types of Cannabis Packaging:

There are various types of cannabis packaging available, including glass jars, plastic containers, and bags. Glass jars are popular for storing flower and concentrates, as they offer an airtight seal and protect the product from light. Plastic containers are commonly used for edibles, tinctures, and topicals. They are lightweight, durable, and offer child-resistant features. Bags are often used for pre-rolls and are available in various sizes and materials.

Tips for Proper Cannabis Packaging:

Choose the Right Material

It is essential to select packaging material that is appropriate for the product. Make sure to use the least amount of packaging you can to make your final product lightweight, easy to transport, and less cumbersome to consume.

Consider Child-Resistant Features

Many states require child-resistant packaging for cannabis products. Ensure that the packaging you choose meets the necessary safety standards. Buy only from legitimate companies to make sure your custom cannabis bags are certified, up to par, and perform well in all conditions.

Include Proper Labeling: Proper labeling is crucial for cannabis products. Include the product name, THC/CBD content, and any required warnings or disclaimers.

Protect from Light, Moisture, and Oxygen: Exposure to light, moisture, and oxygen can degrade the quality and potency of the product. Ensure that the packaging provides adequate protection against these elements.

Test the Packaging

It is essential to test the packaging to ensure that it meets the necessary safety and quality standards. Conduct tests to check for moisture, oxygen, and light penetration. Use this pro guide to match the right packaging to your kind of product.

Resources for Cannabis Packaging

Inkable Label Co.

This company specializes in custom labeling for a variety of industries, including cannabis and edibles. They offer a range of label materials and finishes, as well as printing options such as digital, flexographic, and hot stamping. Their website includes a helpful series on choosing the right label for cannabis products.

Pouch Me

This packaging company offers a range of custom pouches and bags for the cannabis industry, including child-resistant options. They use high-quality materials such as Mylar and offer custom printing to help your products stand out on dispensary shelves.

By utilizing the expertise and services of companies such as Inkable Label Co. and Pouch Me, cannabis businesses can ensure that their packaging is not only compliant with regulations but also visually appealing and trustworthy to consumers.


Proper cannabis packaging is essential for ensuring the safety and quality of the product. By selecting the appropriate packaging material, including child-resistant features, providing proper labeling, and protecting the product from light, moisture, and oxygen, cannabis businesses like yours can create effective packaging that inspires trust and confidence in their customers.

Utilizing resources can also help you create high-quality cannabis packaging that meets the necessary safety and quality standards.

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