An untidy house can be daunting and time consuming to tidy, but with the right mindset and plan in place you can quickly transform it into an organized home.

Focus on one room at a time and break larger tasks into smaller ones to avoid becoming overwhelmed and losing momentum. This approach should allow you to keep on track.

1. Start With the Floors

Looking at an enormous mess can be daunting, leaving you questioning where and how to begin cleaning it all up. If you have kids, consider dropping them off with friends or family so you can get things done without their interruption.

As the first step to any cleaning task, collecting everything and placing it where it belongs will make the whole process simpler and quicker. Placing trash bags away, clearing surfaces of clutter and finding homes for items will all contribute to making you more productive.

Step two is to conduct a general sweep and dust all surfaces, such as tables, shelves, blinds, and light fixtures. For areas which are particularly sticky or oily you should spray down or soak beforehand so it will be easier to clean when finished – this method offers the most efficient approach to cleaning.

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2. Don?t Waste Time

If your house is disorganized and you don’t know where to begin cleaning, focusing on disposing of items that can easily fit in a trash can as soon as possible should take just minutes per room.

Once you have time, put on a movie or listen to a podcast while continuing the task of organizing each room of your home step-by-step. This will keep you motivated and moving forward!

Dedicating spaces to each item helps keep the place tidy all day long (rather than spending hours every evening searching for keys!). Need extra motivation? Watch some cleaning motivation videos on YouTube or TikTok; these should do the trick! If needed, hire professional cleaners if your house becomes too overwhelming for you!

3. Don?t Overdo It

It can be easy to become consumed by one area of your house and spend hours cleaning it alone, but in order to efficiently maintain an orderly home you should focus on cleaning up what matters first – the big things.

Sanitize all bathrooms by scrubbng the toilet, wiping down bathtub and shower surfaces, washing sinks and counters as well as clearing away surfaces that have collected dust or grime.

Sanitizing the kitchen requires wiping down cabinets, scrubbing down sinks, cleaning and sanitizing all appliances as well as clearing all surfaces from debris.

Doing all these things will quickly transform your house into an immaculate space, and keeping it that way will become much simpler if you stick to a cleaning schedule. So create one and stick to it! For most people this means allocating one hour every evening specifically for cleaning and organizing work.

4. Don?t Overthink It

Clean homes feel wonderful. It can also help you feel more organized, calm and productive. Unfortunately, when your house is an awful mess it may be hard to know where or how long it will take you to complete cleaning it all up again – leading you to overthink things and delay the process altogether.

Setting a timer will keep you accountable and help motivate you by showing how much can be accomplished within an allotted amount of time.

Watching cleaning motivation videos on YouTube or TikTok may also provide the extra motivation necessary for cleaning. Watching such videos will give you the boost to get cleaning quickly – these tips should help speed up the process!

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