You can create an impact even in your on-ground event with the integration of Whatsapp Automation. Furthermore, you can maximize engagement and connection with your audience easily with this application. It will provide you with a seamless experience for your users.

Here is a comprehensive list of ways that can be helpful in maintaining the impact of your in-person event for a long time with WhatsApp automation

9 Ways to WhatsApp Automation Help Maximize In-Person Event Impact!

9 Creative and valuable ways that can be helpful in maintaining the impact of your in-person event for a long time with WhatsApp automation are as follows:

Take Your Event Registration Online

You can create an online page for your event registration. Furthermore, it can help your audience quickly fill out the registration form and provide all the information to the organizer to book a seat. However, you can use Whatsapp for events as it eases the promotion as well as increases registration.

Just include the link to your registration page in your message and invite your audience to register in real-time. Hence, you can make your event registration process smooth and seamless.

Don’t Forget Seat Confirmation!

It will be beneficial if you know in advance who will be able to come and attend your event. Furthermore, you can make all the sitting arrangements as per the individuals as well as groups registered for your event. Hence, you can use WhatsApp business automation for easy RSVP management.

You just have to enlist all the registrants as per their information. Then you have to create a personalized message for every user and send them asking to confirm their presence at the event in advance.

Create A Non-Transferable Personalize Ticket

When you have an online registration counter for your audience, why make them stand in a long queue to get the ticket? Hence, you can create online M-badge tickets and share them using Whatsapp Business Automation. Furthermore, there will be non-transferable and even personalized tickets for every user that you can send via WhatsApp.

So, you can provide your audience with an online ticket in which you can also integrate the initials as well as photos of your attendees. Moreover, you can go paperless by scanning the tickets at the time of entry and marking their presence online via the device. However, you can also print the badges on-spot at the event to make them hand the M-badge throughout the event.

Share Various Information Throughout the Event

You may have a lot to share through your in-person events. But it can be difficult to make your audience aware of everything during the event. Hence, you need the right medium to share all the data with everyone present at the event. Furthermore, you can create various personalized notifications to share with every attendee.

Hence, it will appear as a pop-up on the screen of your audience’s device screen that they can view in WhatsApp. Also, you can design automated communication over different touchpoints of the attendees journey to keep them updated.

Reach Out to Your Customers with Relevant Communication

You can start by setting up one-time or recurring campaigns based on customer attributes and events. Furthermore, you can elevate campaign performance with rich media like teasers, trailers, product descriptions, images, videos, PDFs, etc.

Also, you can create interactive message templates using the buttons such as CTAs and Quick Reply. Additionally, you can save your time & effort by adding Custom-replies for frequently asked questions.

Amuse Your Audience with a Powerful Live Engagement Tool

You can provide your audience a chance to directly connect with the moderator. Furthermore, they will ask various questions to experts on WhatsApp. Also, you can conduct a different live poll with questions related to the session topics.

Moreover, you can send Non-transactional messages discounts and offers, back-in-stock alerts, and more. Also, you can monitor campaign performance stats like no. of messages Sent, Delivered, Read & Replied to. Additionally, you can make the most of WhatsApp automation by sending digital agendas to the attending audience.

Collect Event Feedback from the Audience via WhatsApp

You can create various survey formats to get constructive feedback from customers with the power of WhatsApp. Furthermore, you can collect Feedback over every session in real-time as soon as it ends. Also, you can take all-over feedback from your audience at the end of the event.

It will be helpful in understanding how much your attendees liked and disliked the various sessions and parts of your event. Hence, you can create proper analytics that will guide you in your upcoming event. It will help you make better decisions and enhance your net event with more fun elements.

Create Customer Support for Your Attendees

You can offer Customer Support to all the participants at the event in real-time at Scale on WhatsApp. Furthermore, You can manage 1000s of customer conversations with ease via WhatsApp Business canada sms api.

However, it will change the complete experience and impression for the participants who face trouble in getting solutions for anything. Your on-time solution will help to motivate your audience to come again and shop at your store.

Automate Your User Journey with WhatsApp

You can create a number of messages with some twist and turn, and creative, and unique themes. Furthermore, it will help you grab your audience’s attention and maintain a great relationship with regular updates. Hence, you can transform conversations between the audience, your brand as well as your speakers for better connection and user ease.

So, these are the various ways that can be helpful in maximizing your in-person event’s long-term impact with WhatsApp automation. Furthermore, you have to choose the right WhatsApp solution to provide that can help you create a buzz about your event. It can provide you with advanced features and functionalities that can be helpful in enhancing the interaction, engagement, and networking opportunities at your event from start to end. Also, you can use WhatsApp as a reliable payment gateway in order to make a purchase during the live event.

Hope, you will find this article beneficial in maximizing the impact of your in-person event for the long term with WhatsApp Automation.

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