There is no single right or wrong answer to this question. It all depends on how long you want your hair cut and whether you are looking for a very short or a long hair style.

As a rule, you can expect to spend around $20 to $30 for a standard haircut. That includes shampoo and conditioner. A longer haircut will cost you more.

You may have to pay as much as $75 for a short-to-mid length haircut. Prices depend on your stylist’s Northampton salon experience, the type of hair you have and the services he or she offers. You can also find salons that offer haircut packages, which can help you to save money. You can consider paying around $30 for a haircut if you are looking for a basic style. Some haircuts that take 30 to 45 minutes will cost you around $50.

The time spent at the salon depends on how much styling you want to have done and how experienced your stylist is. You can find out if you’re getting a bargain if you shop around.

There is a good chance you can find a salon that offers the same services for a lower price than others. Don’t forget to take your friends or family with you if you want to get your hair cut. They might be interested in having a new hairstyle.

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