When you think “red carpet,” you probably think “Margot Robbie.” After all, she’s the only Australian to have been nominated for Best Actress at Cannes in 14 years. And it’s not just her body turned up to 11, but an entire style that elevates her performance. From her printed gown to her fishnet shirt and black leather trousers, she made heads turn from all corners of the world, and yes there was a short skirt complete with a thigh-high slit underneath.

We will Highlight the most Outrageous Red Carpet Looks

We will highlight the most outrageous red carpet looks from this year’s Cannes Film Festival, and let you know what they mean.

Margot Robbie is wearing a floor-length red gown by Dior Haute Couture on Monday night at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival. The actress also wore an intricately beaded bodysuit with gold accents at her acceptance speech for Best Supporting Actress in “I, Tonya” during award season earlier this month.

When you think “Red Carpet,” You Probably think “Margot Robbie.”

And most importantly, she’s an icon in general which is why she decided to wear this outrageous ensemble to the premiere of her new film Insidious: The Last Key in Los Angeles on Thursday night (Mar 7).

With her 14th appearance at Cannes, you might think that Margot Robbie would be tired of wearing the same dress. But it’s her most outrageous red-carpet ensemble yet and she looks amazing in it!

It’s been one of Robbie’s best years at the festival, with nominations for Best Actress (for me, Tonya) and Best Supporting Actress (for The Legend of Tarzan). She also made history by becoming the youngest person ever to have a Best Supporting Actor nomination for a film that didn’t win in its category; for example, Tilda Swinton was 29 when she won her first Oscar for Michael Clayton back in 2008.

But now there’s another record: this is only the third time an Australian has been nominated for either category and the first since Nicole Kidman won back-to-back Oscars with The Hours (2002) and Moulin Rouge! (2001).

Not only is she the first Australian to be nominated for Best Actress, but she’s also the youngest woman ever to have a Best Supporting Actor nomination for a film that didn’t win in the category.

She was nominated for me, Tonya, and has been nominated for four Golden Globes (three of them are from her role as Margot Robbie). No other Australian actor has ever won an Oscar or Emmy Award.

Margot Robbie Actress

It’s not just her Body Turned up to 11

The ensemble is a reflection of several things. First, it’s a reflection of Margot Robbie’s body turned up to 11. Second, it’s a reflection of her style a bit edgier than most red-carpet looks we see in Hollywood these days. Thirdly, it’s also a reflection of the film itself: its genre-bending plot and unique style all come together for an aesthetic that elevates Robbie’s performance above just being stunningly beautiful and stunningly talented (which she is).

Finally and perhaps most importantly the dressmaker responsible for crafting this look was Jacquemus himself: famed designer Hedi Slimane’s label has been making waves lately thanks to its use of bold prints and bold color palettes on high-end fashion items such as jackets and dresses by both young designers like Raf Simons or Chloe Kim; as well as seasoned veterans like Karl Lagerfeld himself!

From her printed gown to her fishnet shirt and black leather trousers, she made heads turn.

The Australian actress has always been known for her bold style choices, for example, she wore a white tuxedo last year at the Golden Globe awards. But this time, it was red carpet debutante Margot Robbie who stole all our hearts with her most outrageous red carpet ensemble yet!

There was a Short Skirt to Complete the Look

Robbie, who was wearing a short skirt and high heels to the event, was not the only person sporting the look. Several other stars also showed off their legs in short shorts on the red carpet.

If you’re looking for an excuse to wear your favorite pair of shorts this summer (or any season), we’ve got some good news: They’ve never been bigger or more in fashion than they are now!

Robbie Wears this Ensemble in Scenes Out of Character

Robbie’s looks have been a source of controversy in the past. The character she plays in the film, Domino, is a ballerina, and her outfit a red dress with matching high heels and white gloves was designed to be more risqué than usual for what’s considered one of Hollywood’s most conservative industries.

The ensemble was also controversial because it sets up a clear contrast between Robbie’s character as an independent woman who doesn’t need anybody else to help her navigate life (she even dances around naked while performing) versus all of her male costars who depend on each other for support: they’re all together at one point when they sing “Fame” by David Bowie, but then they split off into their groups after that.

Margot Robbie Actress

Sometimes there isn’t much of a Line

There are times when the line between character and real life blurs, as it does in Margot Robbie’s character. The actress is known for her off-screen style, yet here she channels some of her fashion choices into her role as Harley Quinn. Her red-carpet gowns have always been a bit daring this one is no exception.


This might be the most extravagant costume she has ever worn, and it’s not hard to see why. The sheer amount of detail involved in this outfit is impressive we’re talking about a dress that includes fishnets, leather folds, and even a short skirt! Robbie took her role seriously because she wanted to turn herself into an actual character instead of just acting like one onstage. And yes, some people were upset by it all. However, we think it was worth it! And if you’re wondering what other Sydney accent actors have worn at Cannes Film Festival in past years? Well.

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