Action games that emphasize physical challenges include shooting games, fighting games, beat ’em ups, and platform games. Video games with shooting and combat elements often have high scores, in which players can defeat each other by destroying their opponents’ health points.

Beat ’em ups feature one-on-one fights, which are usually between human characters and computer-controlled enemies. These types of games tend to have a large amount of enemy characters. Shooter games feature first-person views, which allow the player to view the world from a first-person perspective. In the case of theseالعاب اكشن للكمبيوتر, players aim and shoot weapons at enemies or at other targets.

Platform games allow the player to control characters in various environments. Players usually have to jump on platforms to move across a stage. Many of these games include puzzles, with the player having to complete challenges that require them to interact with different objects. Some action games can be played on mobile devices such as phones and tablets. One example of an action game is the game Fortnite.

This game involves players battling each other with guns and other weapons. This type of game can sometimes be considered a form of eSports. eSports refers to a large category of sports in which competitions are often held to determine which competitors are the best. The best players can be viewed as superstars.

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