TNPCB stands for Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board which is a body which makes sure that industries/businesses are working within the regulated limits of pollution/combustion levels in state of Tamil Nadu and Provides No Objection certificate to every business according to their category based on the level of pollutant an industry/establishment releases, these NOC (no objection certificate) comes in two steps namely CTE/CTO i.e. Consent to Establish and Consent to Operate.

What is CTE (Consent to Establish)?

CTE-Consent to establish is NOC given by TNPCB which is required before you start your business or enterprise as per The Water (Prevention & Control of Pollution) Act – 1974 and the air (prevention and control of pollution) act, 1981. It is mandatory to obtain CTE from the respective State Pollution Control Board (TNPCB) before the commencement of business. The Process requires the application in prescribed format along with required documents and fees followed by Inspection.

What is CTO (Consent to Operate)?

CTO- Consent to operate as it is known is NOC given by State pollution control board (TNPCB) to operate your business after you have received your CTE NOC from SPCB(TNPCB) as per The Water (Prevention & Control of Pollution) Act – 1974 and the air (prevention and control of pollution) act, 1981. The procedure involves the filing of the respective application in the prescribed format, documents and fees for the application followed by inspection and after this process CTO is issued.

Which Category does my industry fall under?

Industries are classified into four categories by Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Committee Based on what your work and how much pollutants are released with that job work / business / manufacturing.

1. White

2. Green

3. Orange

4. Red

Who shall get a pollution control NOC?

The Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Committee shall grant the Pollution Control No Objection Certificate (NOC) the industries which are permissible in the mixed land use areas or zones as per by-laws of the Master Plan notified by Tamil Nadu governing authority or the draft master plan.  Any industry or enterprise established in the designated or approved area(s).

What is the Procedure for Obtaining TNPCB NOC?

➲ Identifying the applicability and eligibility of the establishment or industry.

➲ Identifying the category and location of the respective industry or establishment.

➲ Preparation of drafts for filing of the application for TNPCB NOC.

➲ Preparation & Filing of application for TNPCB NOC.

➲ Post filing of the application the same is scrutinized by the authorized officers of the TNPCB.

➲ On scrutiny, every industry filing the application is subject to Inspection by the designated officer.

➲ On conduction of successful and satisfactory scrutiny, the NOC is issued by the TNPCB

What is the fee charged by TNPCB for NOC?

The Fees for TNPCB NOC (CTE and CTO) depends on various factors such as Fixed Cost of the Project, Category of Business and penalty imposed (if any) by the TNPCB.

What are the Documents needed for TNPCB NOC?

➲  Certificate from CA regarding Capital investment in Fixed Assets

➲  Approved Location or Site Plan of the Business Entity.

➲ Proof of ownership or occupancy such as Registry or Lease Deed or Rent Agreement indicating the details of the location of the property.

➲ Documents of formation of an entity like Partnership Deed / Memorandum of Article of Association / GST Certificate in case of Proprietorship.


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