Martin Broughton is a renowned entrepreneur and businessman who has had a successful career in various industries. He has been involved in the aviation industry, the sports industry, and the hospitality industry, among others. With his vast experience and entrepreneurial spirit, it is no surprise that Martin Broughton has several exciting future ventures in the pipeline. This article takes a look at some of these ventures and what we can expect from them.

Broughton Aviation


Broughton has a wealth of experience in the aviation industry, having been the chairman of British Airways and Liverpool John Lennon Airport. In 2013, he launched his own aviation consulting firm, Broughton Aviation.

Future Ventures

Broughton Aviation is set to expand its services and increase its client base in the coming years. It is also planning to launch a new software platform that will help airlines and airports improve their operations and enhance the passenger experience.

Sports Investments


Broughton has been involved in the sports industry for many years, having served as the chairman of both Liverpool Football Club and the British Horseracing Authority.

Future Ventures

Broughton is reportedly interested in investing in a new sports team. While there is no news on which team this might be, it is sure to be a major venture for Broughton.

Luxury Hospitality


Broughton has been involved in the luxury hospitality industry for several years, having co-founded the luxury hotel chain, Artotel.

Future Ventures

Broughton has plans to expand the Artotel brand further, with new hotels planned for various locations around the world. He is also looking to invest in other luxury hospitality ventures, including high-end restaurants and bars.



Broughton is known for his interest in technology, having served on the board of British technology company, Spirent Communications.

Future Ventures

Broughton is reportedly looking to invest in several new technology ventures, including artificial intelligence and blockchain-based startups.


Martin Broughton has had a successful career in several industries, and his future ventures are sure to be just as exciting. With plans to expand his aviation consulting firm, invest in a new sports team, expand his luxury hotel chain, and invest in new technology ventures, Broughton is sure to continue making waves in the business world.


  1. What is Martin Broughton’s background? Martin Broughton has had a successful career in various industries, including aviation, sports, hospitality, and technology.
  2. What is Broughton Aviation? Broughton Aviation is a consulting firm that provides services to airlines and airports.
  3. What is Artotel? Artotel is a luxury hotel chain co-founded by Martin Broughton.
  4. What new ventures is Broughton looking to invest in? Broughton is reportedly interested in investing in a new sports team and several new technology ventures.
  5. What is Broughton’s entrepreneurial spirit? Broughton has a strong entrepreneurial spirit, which has driven his success in various industries.

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