Every person needs to iron their garments. Giving your clothing a crispy, refined appearance at home or in the hotel room requires proper ironing. But some hotels do not provide hotel supplies like personal ironing boards in their guest rooms.

Even though you are living in a posh location, the iron board issue is still unresolved. To survive in a competitive hospitality sector, offering extraordinary facilities and customer services is essential for hotels to differentiate themselves. Therefore, providing irons and ironing boards for visitors is one detail that is frequently forgotten but is crucial. However, some people may count these hotel amenities as requirements; having them accessible can significantly improve the whole stay for guests.

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In this blog post, we will explore the advantages and impacts for both customers and the hotel’s credibility of prioritizing providing ironing boards to its visitors. So, let’s get started!

Significance of Providing Irons and Ironing Boards To Hotel Visitors

Hotel Comfort

Although having ironing boards available may seem just a tiny detail, it has an enormous influence on the entire visitor experience. Here’s the reason why:

Availability and Comfort


There are many different desires and choices among hotel customers. While most people prefer to iron or clean their clothes by professionals, others may choose the comfort of doing it themselves. Hotels should address their customers by including irons and ironing boards in their hotel rooms for giving them the luxury and ease they want. Guests value the facility to quickly remove any folds or creases from their attire to ensure they appear attractive while visiting.

Versatility and Authority

The freedom of choice it affords visitors is one benefit of supplying irons and ironing boards. Due to their hectic schedules, tourists may need professionally ironed outfits for essential conferences, parties, or special events. Hotels should offer their visitors extra services for independently taking care of their maintenance. This will save them essential time and allow them to stick to their schedules by making these services easily accessible. This higher degree of freedom enhances the visitor’s experience and promotes a feeling of happiness and comfort.

Draws Business Tourists

Business travelers frequently give effectiveness and comfort a top priority. Hotels may attract this influential audience by offering ironing boards, making them a top option for business travelers.

Positive Customer Feedback and Recommendations

Positive Feedback

The credibility of a hotel is greatly influenced by online feedback and suggestions in the current digital era. Good services increase the likelihood that customers will write positive evaluations and tell others about your hotel. By providing their customers with ironing boards, hotels give an extra luxury that customers enjoy and are encouraged to highlight in their reviews. Moreover, good ratings increase a hotel’s online rating. It also helps hotels appear higher in Google’s search findings, distinguishing them from rivals and drawing a wider range of potential customers.

Competitive Benefit

In the hotel sector, standing out from competitors is essential. Although many hotels may offer typical facilities, going beyond the norm by providing personal ironing services can help them to stand out from the competition. The services and luxuries supplied to guests frequently influence their choice of hotel. By providing this extra service, hotels show their dedication to client happiness. Moreover, they will develop a reputation as places prioritizing their visitors’ needs and desires.

Extended Trips and Protracted Stays

Hotels that welcome prolonged stays have a more vital need to offer essential services. Long-term visitors frequently require regular clothes care to maintain their looks. By providing ironing boards in hotel rooms, these visitors will enjoy a pleasant and appealing living environment.

The Negative Impact of Lacking Ironing Services

While offering ironing boards to hotel visitors has many advantages, it can also have disadvantages. In this section, we’ll look at the drawbacks hotels can experience if they don’t provide their visitors with ironing amenities.


Negative Feedback

Inconveniencing visitors is the main drawback of not offering ironing amenities. Due to the rugged trips, travelers frequently come into contact with folded or creased attire. Guests won’t have choices for fixing this problem since the bedrooms don’t have ironing amenities. Therefore, they might have to utilize pricey and laborious hotel laundering services.

Alternatively, they may need to look for outside laundry facilities, which would be more inconvenient and might postpone their schedule.

Lack of Flexibility

If hotels don’t provide ironing amenities, they may restrict the flexibility of their visitors. Some people have specific choices regarding how they iron their attire, like a favorite ironing method or ironing table. Therefore, the lack of these facilities can make visitors feel constrained and unsatisfied because they cannot satisfy their particular tastes. Hotels prioritizing customized service should consider how important it is to provide ironing services to meet these needs.

Negative Reviews: Unhappy guests

Unhappy customers

The success of a hotel is greatly influenced by customer feedback and online credibility due to this current digital era. Therefore, lacking ironing facilities can prevent guests from leaving poor reviews and comments. Dissatisfied visitors can share their dissatisfaction at the lack of these services, emphasizing the difficulties they experienced while staying. It may damage a hotel’s credibility and lowers its ranking and positioning. Moreover, hotels’ ratings will also be affected on different internet directories because many customers read online evaluations before making a reservation. Hence, a hotel’s lack of ironing services may put off visitors while damaging the company.

Reduced Revenue

Hotels may face a reduction in their revenue from not providing ironing amenities.  Some visitors pay extra expenses if hotels offer them ironing services. However, in their absence, hotels cannot profit from such earnings. Furthermore, business visitors who often ask for well-pressed apparel may choose to stay in other lodgings that offer ironing amenities.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, providing ironing facilities is not just a convenience; it is an important service that significantly impacts how well guests are treated and how successful a hotel is. Hotels may improve their offerings and stand out from rivals by providing ironing facilities to their visitors.

Moreover, hotels that don’t provide ironing services risk upsetting their visitors, limiting individuality and autonomy, getting bad press, and missing out on potential business prospects. Therefore, hotels should consider the significance of including ironing facilities in their overall customer service to guarantee visitor happiness and uphold an excellent reputation.

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