The third part of the erotica action series 365 Days, The Next 365 Days, was available on Netflix on August 19, 2022. The film, directed by Barbara Bialovas and Tomas Mendes, is based on the first book in Blanca Lipinski’s trilogy. The main characters are played by Anna-Maria Sikluka, Michele Morrone, and Magdalena Lamparshka. The much-ridiculed film lasts over two hours. Continue reading The Next 365 Days Movie Review to learn more about the film.

Story Review

This movie was mostly about what happened after the first two. Massimo and Laura were trying to save their marriage and get out of a love triangle that, while morally right, didn’t make much sense for the story. The story could be told in one sentence, which is not a good sign for any movie.

The Next 365 Days is almost unbelievable in every way except for how beautiful it looks on screen. The fact that the stars look like Greek gods is the only thing the movie has going for it, and it’s not even an ace. And yes, it doesn’t work too well either. If this movie available on gomovies has any kind of happy ending, it’s in the end.

In the book, Massimo is the “big bad” at the end, but this movie’s ending is more realistic and adult because Massimo tells Laura that he knows about her affair and that their relationship is over. This could have saved the whole series if it had been better directed and written. Instead, it looks like the makers barely paid any attention to the scene, which was the only thing that could have been good.


After seeing all three movies in the series, it’s safe to say that the acting is not good (both crude and true). Even though Olga, Laura’s best friend, and Domenico, Massimo’s friend and business partner, try (a little too hard) to provide some funny relief, they have to deal with the fact that the script doesn’t do anything to bring their characters to life. They become expendable players in the love story (haha) of Massimo and Laura, which mostly consists of them talking to each other in public places and getting angry at each other for real reasons, but the script falls short here.

Music and Direction

Another problem with the 365 Days series that is about to fall apart is the lack of conversation. In the first 30 minutes of the movie, Laura and Massimo don’t really talk to each other, and their first and only real encounter feels fake because it wasn’t written well. Another problem with the speech is that it’s clear that the author doesn’t know much about the language.

The music was abysmal. Since there aren’t many lines of speech in the movie, the characters’ feelings are shown through a barrier of songs that play every five minutes. You might think this would be a saving grace, but it’s sad and inevitable that it isn’t.

Final Words

The truth is that the 50 Shades of Gray trilogy feels like a masterwork in comparison to this film. The location manager who traveled Europe in search of all the gorgeous, gorgeous digs earned this soulless trash a single star in a review. So, by the end of The Next 365 Days, there’s almost no reason for anyone to watch it. Some people will find it funny, and others will think it’s useless. This is how art works, and maybe the success of this movie rests a lot on the different points of view.

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