You must have discovered that gathering, packaging, and shipping those items can consume significant employee time. This can disrupt your company’s productivity. This is where kitting, and fulfillment services can come in and significantly improve the efficiency of your operation.

Naturally, having someone else do your work will save you some headaches. When you dig deeper, the benefits of kitting and fulfillment services become clear. Consider the following three areas:

You’ll Save Time

This is the most obvious one. Because the kitting is done beforehand, there will be no disruption to your regular workday and no distractions for your key employees. They can devote their time to the tasks they were hired for, allowing your business to run smoothly.

Even better, when a trusted partner handles the kitting and fulfillment services, you are relieved of the responsibility for acquiring all the pieces. Your partner obtains the ingredients for each kit from a supplier, a warehouse, or elsewhere.

If that partner is an experienced print provider, they can even print kit pieces as needed for the kits. You can even have them personalized and shipped to make a more significant impression on the recipient. But, most importantly, you reclaim your valuable time.

You Save Money

Kitting and fulfillment is a more efficient method of operation. Because all kits are assembled simultaneously, you can benefit from economies of scale. You’ll save money on any items purchased or printed for the kits.

And with items printed on demand, you get fresher inventory because there is no need to print in large quantities that sit on shelves, becoming outdated and eventually discarded.

Remember the opportunity cost of your employees’ previously wasted time. When they stop what they’re doing to assemble one or more kits for shipping, their regular responsibilities must wait, and a significant amount of time is lost in the transitions.

You’re Saving Space

You may have a dozen or more items labeled for one or more of these kits. Keeping stock of all

those items takes up valuable space in your facility or warehouse. Even if the kitting is done in-house, the finished packets take up significantly less inventory space. Along with the other advantages, you gain prime real estate.

You will benefit even more if you choose a partner with kitting and fulfillment experience. The pre-assembled packages can remain at the partner facility until they are needed to fulfill the request or inquiry.

Putting Everything Together

Therefore, kitting and fulfillment services can save you time, money, space, and hassles. That assistance becomes even more valuable when collaborating with an experienced company to complete the task. They ensure consistent excellence, demonstrated by how much their customers value their services. You may be unaware of how these services can benefit your company. But it is almost certain that they will.

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