Sutom, the popular game developed by SutomJeu, has captured the attention of players worldwide with its engaging gameplay and challenging puzzles. One of the most exciting aspects of the game is finding the best starting word—the word that sets you on a path to success. The New York Times (NYT) Wordlebot, known for its expertise in word games, has recommended four starting words that can give players a competitive edge. In this article, we’ll explore these recommended words and discuss why they might be the key to a winning strategy in

  1. Tusmo
    The first recommended starting word is “Tusmo.” This word offers a strong combination of letters that can be used to form various words. The presence of the letters ‘T,’ ‘U,’ ‘S,’ ‘M,’ and ‘O’ provides ample opportunities to create words with different letter combinations. Players can experiment with combinations like “most,” “sum,” “out,” or “must.” The versatility of the word “Tusmo” makes it an excellent choice to kick-start your Sutom gameplay.
  2. Jeu
    The second recommended starting word is “Tusmo Jeu.” This French word meaning “game” adds a touch of linguistic flair to your Sutom journey. Despite being a three-letter word, “Jeu” opens up possibilities for longer words and allows players to explore a range of combinations. Players can try forming words such as “jet,” “juke,” or “jute.” The inclusion of the letter ‘J’ adds a unique element of challenge and creativity, making “Jeu” an intriguing starting word for Sutom players.
  3. Fr
    The third recommended starting word is the abbreviation “Fr.”( While it may seem unconventional to start with a two-letter word, “Fr” has its strategic advantages. The letter combination ‘F’ and ‘R’ allows players to build longer words by combining them with other letters. For instance, players can form words like “free,” “frog,” or “frame.” Starting with “Fr” challenges players to think creatively and find words that maximize their scoring potential.
    The fourth recommended starting word is the domain name of the game’s official website, “” ( Using the game’s own name as the starting word adds a meta twist to your Sutom experience. While it may not provide a high score on its own, it sets a thematic tone and immerses players in the world of Sutom right from the beginning. Additionally, players can experiment with various combinations using the letters in “” to form words that align with their strategy.

Choosing the best starting word in Sutom is a strategic decision that sets the tone for your gameplay. Each of the recommended words—Tusmo, Jeu, Fr, and—offers its own advantages and challenges. Ultimately, the best starting word depends on your personal approach to the game and your ability to create words with the given letters.

When selecting a starting word, consider factors such as letter combinations, potential for longer words, and the overall theme or feel you want to incorporate into your Sutom journey. Experiment with different starting words and word combinations to find the approach that suits your gameplay style and maximizes your scoring potential.

Remember, Sutom is not just about finding the best starting word—it’s about enjoying the process, challenging yourself, and exploring the possibilities within the game. So, embrace the recommended starting words or create your own, and embark on a thrilling Sutom adventure at May your words be strategic, your scores be high, and your enjoyment be boundless as you unravel.

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