The appropriate pump selection can have a significant impact on an industrial pump’s performance, dependability, and cost-effectiveness. Canned motor pumps have become one of the most popular types of pumps on the market because of their distinctive qualities and advantages. We’ll look at why canned motor pumps are a great option for industrial applications in this blog.

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The stator and rotor of a unique form of centrifugal pump known as a canned motor pump are housed in a hermetically sealed canister. A mechanical seal, a typical source of leakage and maintenance in conventional pumps, is not required with this design. A shared shaft that is supported by bearings outside of the canister is used to mount both the motor and the pump impeller. Often, the complete unit is contained within a single casing, making it small and simple to install.

Canned motor pumps have advantages.

1. Operation Without Leaks

The ability of canned motor pumps to operate without leaks is its main benefit. There is no chance of a pump leak because the motor and impeller are contained in a sealed canister. By doing so, a mechanical seal—a common cause of maintenance issues and downtime in conventional pumps—is no longer necessary. Canned motor pumps are a great option for applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and petrochemical sectors since they can handle dangerous, corrosive, and poisonous fluids without any risk of leaking thanks to the hermetic sealing of the canister.

2. High Performance

Due to the distinctive motor design of canned motor pumps, they are quite effective. There is no need for a connection or a belt drive because the motor and the impeller are positioned on the same shaft, eliminating sources of energy loss in traditional pumps. Moreover, the canister design reduces internal recirculation and boosts hydraulic efficiency by minimizing the gap between the impeller and the volute. Canned motor pumps are more energy-efficient than standard pumps due to a combination of these reasons, which lowers running costs and lowers the carbon footprint.

3. Low Vibration and Noise

Pumps with canned motors are renowned for having minimal vibration and noise levels. In comparison to traditional pumps, the canister’s hermetic sealing and the lack of a connection or belt drive make it operate more quietly and smoothly. Because of this, canned motor pumps are a great option for use in homes and businesses where low noise and vibration levels are required.

4. Simple Upkeep

Pumps with canned motors are made to be simple to maintain. The absence of a mechanical seal negates the need for seal replacement or adjustment, which are frequent maintenance procedures for traditional pumps. The canister design also makes it simple to swap out the motor or impeller without having to disassemble the entire pump. This lessens downtime for maintenance and raises the pump’s general level of dependability.

5. Compact Style

Because of their small size, canned motor pumps are popular. The overall footprint of the pump is less than that of a standard pump since the motor and the impeller is positioned on a single shaft and enclosed in a sealed canister. Due to their compact design, canned motor pumps are perfect for applications like those found on offshore platforms, ships, and submarines.

Uses for Canned Motor Pumps

Because of their adaptability, canned motor pumps can be employed in a variety of industrial applications. The following are some typical uses for canned motor pumps:

1. The First Chemical Process

For chemical processing applications where corrosion resistance and leak-free operation are crucial, canned motor pumps are the best option. They can work with a variety of corrosive and dangerous fluids, making them appropriate for use in the petrochemical, chemical, and pharmaceutical sectors.

2. Air conditioning, ventilation, and heating (HVAC)

In both residential and commercial buildings, canned motor pumps are frequently employed in the HVAC systems. They are suitable for situations where noise reduction is crucial, such as in hospitals, hotels, and classrooms, because of their low noise and vibration levels.

3. Water Purification

Moreover, canned motor pumps are employed in water treatment applications where low maintenance requirements and leak-free performance are crucial. They are suitable for use in water treatment plants and wastewater treatment facilities because they can handle a variety of fluids, including filthy water, slurry, and sewage.

4. Atomic Power Facilities

Nuclear power plants use canned motor pumps because of their dependability and leak-free performance. They are suited for use in nuclear reactors since they are made to handle radioactive fluids and work in high-temperature, high-pressure settings.


Compared to traditional pumps, Fnengg canned motor pump manufacturers provide a number of benefits, including leak-free operation, high efficiency, low noise and vibration, simple maintenance, and compact construction. Canned motor pumps are a great option for industrial applications where dependability, efficiency, and safety are priorities because of these advantages. Canned motor pumps are fast replacing other types of pumps as the preferred option across a wide range of sectors thanks to their adaptability and dependability.

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