The test consists of three parts, which last about 50 minutes each, and are all computer based. The first part covers the knowledge about the regulations and health and safety guidelines, which apply to private hire vehicles. In this section, you will be asked about everything from road signs to vehicle types, which include large-size vehicles, motorbikes, and minibuses.

The second section is more practical and focuses on the skills required by the driver. You will be asked to complete three different scenarios in which you will be given seru exam specific instructions about the car to be driven. To successfully pass the SERU exam, you need to be able to perform all the driving tasks in the scenario and correctly match them to the appropriate category on your response card. These categories include reversing, parking, turning, etc.

The third part is the interview. During the interview, the examiner will ask you questions about your personal circumstances, including: How long have you been driving? What is your education level? How long have you worked for this company? The interviewer will also ask you to answer questions relating to the job, like whether you would be interested in learning more about the role or if you were looking for work, or if you had applied for a role.

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