If you’ve ever seen Emily Ratajkowski’s Instagram, it’s hard to miss her hand-me-down bags. The model and stylist are known for her obsession with classic pieces, but she also likes to mix high-end brands like Prada and Gucci with affordable options like Zara. That’s why it’s no surprise that so many people can’t get enough of her favorite long champ Le Pliage Cuir Medium Tote especially since she relies on them for all kinds of occasions.

EmRata has the Fashion World at her feet

EmRata has the fashion world at her feet. The model and actress, who has been on the cover of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and GQ among other publications, is also a well-known member of Hollywood’s A-list. She’s appeared in movies like Gone Girl and Entourage while starring in TV shows including 24: Legacy (Desperate Housewives spin-off) and Netflix’s drama series Ozark (based on a novel by Missouri native Dave Eggers).

EmRata started her brand called Inamorata in 2017 after being inspired by vintage pieces she found at flea markets around Los Angeles. Her line consists of women’s dresses with unique details like embroidered flowers or animal prints and it’s easy to see why this brand has quickly become one to watch!

EmRata has been on the cover of Vogue, a Victoria’s Secret Angel since 2013, and in campaigns for Dolce & Gabbana and Prada. In addition to modeling and acting roles, she’s also written books about fashion and beauty. Now that you know all this about her accomplishments (and her fashion line), let’s take a look at what makes her so special and why she deserves your attention:

Inamorata is all about Swimsuits

Inamorata is all about swimsuits; now it even includes a collaboration with Loewe. The line is available in multiple countries, including the United States and Canada, as well as France and Germany.

The collection features an array of shapes and cuts that are perfect for any occasion: from beachy bikinis to elegant maxis (or even just one-piece suits).

Emily Ratajkowski’s Style is Enviable

But while so much of Ratajkowski’s style is enviable, there’s one item she carries that’s easy to get your hands on that can work with every single outfit.

Ratajkowski has been using this long champ Le Pliage Cuir leather tote for years, and it’s become a go-to accessory for her ever since she first laid eyes on it at an exhibition in Paris last year. “I love everything about it,” she told”It’s such an iconic piece it looks great dressed up or down.” The bag comes in both small and large sizes (which makes sense if you’ve seen Ratajkowski), but either way, they are all extremely affordable the smaller version costs $90 while the larger version goes for $150.

Ratajkowski has been carrying the same long champ Le Pliage Cuir tote for years. The bag is available in a variety of sizes and colors, so it’s easy to find one that matches your style.

The bag comes in many styles, including leopard-print leather or black crocodile-skin leather ($1,600). You can also get it with gold hardware or silver studs on the strap; there are even versions with fringe trim!

The bags have gone from being a beloved favorite to a staple in her wardrobe to an item that often steals the show when she steps out in them.

EmRata bags are more than just trendy accessories. They’re a classic fashion staple that can be worn with anything from jeans and tee shirts to dresses, skirts, and heels. The bag is versatile enough to feel at home no matter what the occasion or outfit looks like.

The Fashionable Model is known for mixing high-end items with Affordable

EmRata is known for mixing high-end items with affordable ones. For example, she often wears a $2,000 shirt and $35 jeans to work.

One of her most memorable style moments was when she wore a long champ Le Pliage Cuir Medium Tote by designer Marc Jacobs during an episode of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” In the video below, you can watch as she carries it over one shoulder while walking down the street in New York City before meeting up with Fallon backstage at Rockefeller Center:

The Bag Comes in a Variety of Colors and Textures

With the EmRata, you get a bag that comes in a variety of colors and textures, but you’ll always find Ratajkowski carrying the medium-size tote. “It’s my favorite because it has all my essentials,” she says. “It has my wallet, phone, and keys.”

The medium size is also one of the most popular sizes and not just because it offers ample room for your everyday essentials: The shape makes this versatile piece easy to carry around town or take on vacation without feeling bulky or heavy (unless you fill it up with souvenirs). It also allows you to easily slip into smaller spaces like an airplane overhead bin or under an armchair at home without fear of snagging anything along the way!

Get Emily Ratajkowski’s go-to Bag

Get Emily Ratajkowski’s go-to bag, the long champ Le Pliage Cuir Medium Tote, right here.

The unique and stunningly stylish long champ Le Pliage Cuir Medium Tote is made from goat leather and features a detachable strap that can be worn cross-body or on your shoulder. The bag has three interior pockets for organization and comes with a detachable wristlet so you don’t have to worry about carrying around extra items in your hands when traveling or running errands. This modern take on an old-school classic will keep your essentials safe while making any outfit look fabulous!


So, if you’re looking for a go-to bag from Emily Ratajkowski’s closet, this is it. The Long champ Le Pliage Cuir Medium Tote comes in an array of colors and materials so you can match it with your outfit or just add some color to your life.

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